Thursday, August 22, 2013

When Life Hits, It Hits Hard

Wow guys...
It's been a rough week. 
Today I was brought into the office and was given the news that once again..
for the third time in 2 years...
I am being laid off.

The lady telling me handed me a box of tissues,
and I fought back the urge to ask her why the hell she thought I would to cry in front of her?
I fought back the urge to "compliment" her expensive fake nails.
Instead I laughed..
because it's getting pretty rough around here.
And things keep getting worse.
And I'm at the point where you just can't do anything but laugh.

Laugh and leave.
And that's what I did.

For the next few days
you won't be able to find me...

I'll be in with the trees, leaves and twigs.
I'm seeking some nature medicine.
I've packed up some stuff, and I'll be living in the trees for a few days.

But I'll be back, cause nothing is gonna get me down..
for too long anyways.

Remember, I've got a sale going on until Friday.
I posted the sale before I knew any of this..
but now I need it more than ever. 
Coupon code FLASH25 for 25% off everything in the shop until Friday.
This means you can still purchase stuff while I'm gone.
I may not be relisting items until I get back, after the sale.
So, if you want something, snag it quick. 

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that. I've been unemployed for several months now, so I know how frustrating it is. Applying over and over again, barely getting any calls or interviews, being turned down so many times it feels like you have absolutely no skills. It sucks. Luckily, I live near orchards now, so I've been taking walks almost every day and letting nature do its best to heal me. Enjoy your nature medicine, Rachael. You deserve it. Things will work out. <3

  2. Your post is too much interesting. I am feeling better to get a knowledge about this. Will be very helpful for all.

  3. I'm sorry that you received such bad news...unemployment is never easy or fun. I hope that you find something that is suited to you and that you enjoy soon! I would love to buy some art right now to help you out...however, I get paid again on the 30th...and I've already set aside an art budget, and the items I wish to purchase from your Etsy shop are waiting for me in my cart. ^_^ I recently got promoted at work, so I'm paying it foward; everyone needs some more art in their lives! Enjoy your jaunt in the woods, I hope you soak up the hope and peace from the trees! <3

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that things are so hard for you lately :/ When life hits it DOES hit hard, I have had nothing but hard hits over and over the past few years. Until finally, the last few months, when life is beginning to look up and get better. It's slow, and I felt like my life was a veritable storm for so long. But I can say this with surety: when the storm finally stops, you will appreciate the calm more than you could ever have imagined before. Hang in there! <3

  5. Ugh I'm sorry this is happening to you again...I had something similar with myself a few years back. I totally agree--sh*t can just completely hit the fan all at once.

  6. I hope you find all the calm, help and nurture in the trees. I think it was a good choice to escape for a day or two because one does not tend to think clearly when being hit with such news. So I hope you could find a new perspective and feel grounded again. I wish you all the strength to continue on your path and figure out how to deal with your hardship. May your times of various ordeals be over soon.

  7. I am so, so very sorry, lovely. ♥ I know that feeling, and I hate crying in front of people so that would have bothered me as well - ugh! I hope you find something you truly love, a perfect fit, soon. ♥

  8. So sorry to hear this... I know how much you put into your work... hopefully this is just the ending of one season, allowing a new one with even more wonderful opportunities :-) In the meantime - enjoy nature's medicine - it's the best kind!
    Bekah -

  9. oh gosh!!!!! im so sorry!!! lately i've been reflecting on how hard life is! like, i thought high school would be the worst/hardest part of my life because once i 'grew up' and entered the real world it would be so much better. boy was i wrong!!! life is hard!!! and stressful!!! and lots of things seem unfair. this year has been a rough one for me. and lots of times i want to just run away to the woods also ! go heal and i hope it all gets better very soon!!!


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