Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Celestial Happenings

My newest painting "Celestial Happenings" is now available for sale
I created this piece over a long period of time. 
I started painting the background before Sterling and I even started dating, 
and decided to finish the painting just in time for yesterday's full moon.

This is one of my favorite paintings I think.
It's different than a lot of what I've done, but there is so much put into it,
and I'm in love with the final piece.

It reminds me of laying out under the stars..
You might not actually SEE all those stars from where you are..
but something about seeing more stars than normal opens up a whole new world.
Because you know they are there.
 You know that beyond yourself,
beyond the trees you see, the clouds, the stars ...
there are worlds, and universes living just like we are.
It makes you feel pretty small and lovely doesn't it?

Now how could I possibly tie this last bit into that deep blog post?
I'm not sure if there is any graceful way of announcing a sale...
but that's okay.. because
I decided to do a flash Back To School Sale!

This one is in both my shops..
and it's 25% off everything!
Which means, this new print, and the painting are included in the sale.
That's right... I'm letting my originals go for 25% off right now.

The sale lasts until FRIDAY.
So it's gonna be a quick one.

If you've been looking for a hat or a scarf to complete your back to school outfit, now is the time!

Or, if you have been looking for some paintings, or art for your apartment walls.. now is also the time.

Enter the code FLASH25 for 25% off anything in both stores.
Today through Friday.

And I've had some people asking,
"Is it possible to get the "Celestial Happenings" painting as a necklace?"
Yes! Yes it is.

Just purchase one of the pendants, and leave me a note in message to seller saying you would like Celestial Happenings as a necklace.

I'm thinking I'll make myself one too!

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  1. I love your new painting. I think it is my all time favorite of yours. it's beautiful

  2. Oh wow, this painting is absolutely breathtaking! I don't even know what else to say. I'm speechless.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous painting, divine ♥

  4. OMG! You're wearing a Piggly Wiggly shirt! Ah! I didn't know you guys have them in Utah! We're lousy with them here in the South. I love your painting!

  5. Simply STUNNING, Rachael. ♥ Your painting skills have impressed me since I first met you. You're so talented, and your work is so unique!


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