Friday, August 9, 2013

My Space

I took last weekend to reorganize my art studio.
It was such a mess I didn't want to step in!
It wasn't even dirty.. just unorganized. 
Nothing had a place, papers were falling out.
Work needed to be done. 

So, I spent a long time getting the studio put together as a place I want to be. 
I'm quite pleased with the way it looks. 
This is Hobo Jack. He's an important park of the shop... 
He holds the top part of my gumball machine while I sneak my hand in. 
I've started collecting paper cranes! 
I had a student make me one and teach me how to make one.. and I'm hooked! 
Though, I've forgotten how to make them already. 

I need to get these four listed in the shop! 
Look at that organization! 
Our Starry Night Desk

I've also been trying SO hard to keep my house clean. 
I've been spending 15 minutes a day cleaning. 
Rather than spending 2 hours once a week.

Have any tips on keeping your home/studio clean and organized?
I could sure use em!

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  1. This looks like the most inspiring space ever. It makes me want to organize my office a little more (even though it's still too hot around here to use it). Unfortunately, I have no tips because I'm probably the worst at actually following through with keeping my place looking good.

  2. Oh, Rachael!!! I love your space more than I can say. Especially the cranes, and the starry night desk!!! That desk is such a fabulously creative space by itself! You definitely did a fab job organizing. I'd give you some advice, however to be honest, cleaning and organizing are HUGE challenges for me. But I am working on getting better!


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