Wednesday, August 7, 2013

From The Archives: To Hold The Moon

So, I am trying to post every day, like I used to when I had a lot of free time.. And I kind of ran out of ideas. I have so many photos I'm trying to get edited, but I'm just running out of time. Sterling gave me the brilliant idea of sharing past paintings with the blog. Some of them were created over 2 years ago, some even more and it would be cool to feature them again, since some of you guys are new. Anyways.. I thought it was a brilliant idea, since Sterling has those quite often.
So, in honor of this last new moon... I'm bringing back art from the archives, To Hold The Moon.

Original post here.  I originally posted this around Halloween. I was living in Memphis, Tennessee I think. It was 2-3 days before Mowgli's 2nd Birthday. I was having severe marital problems and we were talking about divorce. I would stay up really late in my studio spending a lot of time alone, trying to be happy and love myself. I was living half way across the country from my family.. and didn't have a friend anywhere close by. It was actually a very very dark time in my life...  I was doing a lot of pastel work during that time too. I still have that colored pencil set, in the same box. It's been about 3 years since I finished this one, and there has been so much change. Reading through that old post was cool though.. I loved the moon even back then. I am not sure I realized the significance of it back then, but I still loved it. This is one of the rare prints where my name is signed Rachael Thomas. I sign all prints Rachael Tree Talker, even if it is signed Thomas.
Seeing this, going back through blog posts.. I just want to say wow, thank you for those who have stuck around on my crazy blog adventures... All my dark times, and happy times. Like the moon, things are always changing. New beginnings, full, new, dark and light. It's pretty beautiful huh?

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  1. This has been one of my favorite pieces for so long, and I'm glad to see it pop up today. I'd say it's definitely a good thing to come out of that dark time, because I think it's so beautiful.


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