Monday, August 5, 2013

I Love The Dentist

You read right.. 
I love going to the dentist. 
I love getting my teeth cleaned, 
I am pretty sure I like getting the shots.

I went to the dentist last week and it was awesome. I was there for almost 4 hours. 
I got six shots. 
4 fillings replaced.
Fitted for a retainer. 
And a pretty intense gum cleaning. 
Te dentist asked if I was sure if I wanted to get that all done in a day. I said sure. 
He asked a few more times. I'm surprised he didn't have me sign a waiver! He warned my whole mouth would be numb and I said its fine, lets just do it! Lets do it all! This was the result. 

I'll be going back next week for the rest of the gum cleaning and to pick up my retainer. I'm excited. I told my dentist I loved seeing them, and I loved going to the dentist. He laughed and said most people don't, and I'm an exception. Actually I believe he called me a breath of fresh air. 
I couldn't talk after. And I had to use my hands to work my lips. But it was awesome. 
And I can't wait to go back in two weeks to get the other side done. 
I know I'm a little weird, but having a good smile is important to me. And I want to thank my wonderful mother who put me through braces, got all of my cavities filled and even paid for this last dentist visit for me. 

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  1. I'm like you. I've never really had an issue about dentists. It's all in the mind, I think.

  2. Yay braces! :D Haha but you're getting a retainer now?! I had a retainer right after braces, for a few months, then stopped needing it. I do like the extra clean feeling you have after being at the dentists... :) But I don't like being injected prior to numbness... it's awful!

  3. I have horribly ill-fitting dentures, which were DONE AT HOME and I just saw a dentist for the first time this. year. ... my mother didn't believe in them. :/ I have horrible dental hygiene. But after visiting my new dentist, who's been the family dentist for 20+ years? I feel so much better. He's oh so sweet! He's older, and him and his wife work together, which I love as Jen and I have always worked together and his whole staff is so friendly! I can't wait to have my roots pulled, and my dentures re-fitted, with a new pair eventually, yes!

  4. That's SO cool! It would hurt so bad to get roots pulled! Yikes. I've been seeing the same dentist for years now. I love it. Well, I don't like all the snotty staff there, but it's okay. :)

  5. Well, I THINK I had a retainer after I got braces, I'm not sure what happened to it, or if I really ever got one for that matter.. But, my teeth have started to shift just a lil bit, so I decided to get a retainer that I can wear at night.

  6. That's what I think. If I sit and dread the dentist I will find reasons why it sucks.. instead I focus on how good I will feel after. It helps. :)

  7. I wish I enjoyed the dentist! I've been avoiding him for 2 years, but I have to go before the end of the month because my insurance will be up and I have 2 cavities to be filled :-(

  8. You are, indeed, a breath of fresh air, Rachel! Yep, most people wants a perfect smile but given the chance, they would rather skip the whole process and just jump on having that milion-dollar smile. But you, you're happy with all of it. Your story is truly worth sharing. How wonderful it would be when we stop hearing people whining about how gruesome their recent dental procedure has been, and just feel thankful to their dentists for giving them optimum oral health and bright pearly whites. Hah! Wishful thinking! Haha!

    Julius @ South Mountain Dental

  9. You’re definitely a superwoman! There’s a lot of work needed to be done to your teeth, but you didn’t think twice pursuing it all at once. I guess picturing yourself with a beautiful smile afterwards did the trick.

    Stormy @

  10. While I’m not afraid of going to the doctor, I’m not pretty excited about the matter, though general clean-up isn’t much of a problem. But when one of my teeth needs a root canal, then that’s another matter. No amount of anesthesia can blot out that pain, except maybe the one that knocks me out. Haha!


  11. Dentists have always scared me. I hope to be able to find a good one soon. One that doesn't charge too much either.

    Jim |


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