Saturday, July 20, 2013


I've been feeling pretty yucky lately. 
Not sick, not well. 

Like I can't focus on the things I want to do. 
Passion for things has been turned off.
I'll be sitting here staring off thinking, 
"I really should get to work, but the way the tassels are moving on that pillow.. that looks cool."
Then I stand up and I feel way dizzy. 
Or nauseous, or just blah.
I dislike that a lot.
I'm normally a go-getter.  

It's not like it's a huge deal.
I know it will pass, but it's made things pretty quiet around here on the storefront.
Meaning, I have yet to photograph those necklaces.
They were supposed to be posted and listed today.
Instead, I'm postponing it. 
Little play on words there...
I'm clever.
At least I've still got that.

 I think it's Mercury in retrograde. 
Being sensitive to energies and changes like that has been on the increase for me.
It's been an interesting little bit, but this last month has been rough.

And today I'm just been feeling yuck.

Once again I've got a to-do list a mile long.
But, this time it's going to get done.

This weekend I will be
Redoing the blog
Photographing the new jewelry
Working on hat orders
Working on custom paintings
Go on an adventure somewhere


It's going to happen. 

Because this weekend, Mercury will no longer be retrograde.
And I will be feeling better. 
Right? Of course right.
Because I said so.

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  1. Sorry you haven't felt so well lately. I know how that is and it can really get you down. Especially when the doctor's tell you everything looks normal and blood work is normal. You want the good news of normal tests, but you want to feel better too. So, my prayers are with you. :) Angela


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