Friday, July 12, 2013



I've been working on some new stuff lately. I recently teamed up with 100proofpress.

100proofpress is a darling stamp company and pretty soon some of my work will be sold there. 
I'm not sure the exact release date, but I'm pretty excited! Here is some of the work I've been planning on getting turned into stamps. But, along with that, these will listed in the shop as both prints and originals.  I recently bought a beautiful sketchbook with thick perforated pages that can be taken out and shipped.I spent about 40 minutes deciding on this sketchbook, so I'm confident in it.
I'm excited to start listing these in the shop, and I'm excited to see my art turned into stamps.So, stay tuned.. the originals should be in the shop within a week.    


  1. This is sosososo exciting! So happy for you! These sketches look great :)

  2. THATS EXCITING!!! you should sketch some feathers! lol


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