Monday, June 10, 2013

The Sniffles..

...and the headache, the sore throat, the stuffy nose, the tired eyes and sore body.I've got it all. 
 But I'm gonna power through it and stuff... cause I've got way too much to do
 and I can't have this slowin me down.

My current projects
Getting my website built for my agent.
Adding new work to my shop, and all of my websites.
3 custom paintings.
My new necklace line.
New paintings and sketches for the shop.
Fashion collaborations. 
Private art lessons.

All while being a full time mom to Wicket.
And a full time girlfriend to Sterling.

I mean, lets face it.. I have the best job in the world.

I can't take time off from all this.
I don't want to miss a moment! 

And I'm sure you will all tell me to take it easy, rest, let my body heal...
I know. Cause this is what happens every time I post that I'm sick.

I love the love I get.
I love the advice.

But in this case... I'm powering through.
Vitamin C.
Orange Juice.

And okay.. I'll go to bed early.
But only by a bit!   


  1. I'm sorry you're sick, but yay for being a warrior woman and muscling through! When I start feeling sick (or I realize that I am sick), I usually eat a tablespoon of honey with two teaspoons of oregano on it. It seems to do the trick for me every time. And remember that dark chocolate is an excellent throat coat to keep a sore throat happy. Stay hydrated and treat yourself to something nice. <3

  2. When I am sick, I go through a natural high... or I feel like I drank a soothing glass of Absinthe. As in, my creativity sky rockets, I feel more happy, etc. Being sick can truly work wonders for me... I eat better, I do more. Every so often, I'll have a bad flu and when I do, I sleep a LOT and eat healthy (I love junk food, but can*not* eat any when sick except for... fresh ice cream! ^_^) and let myself be taken care of. ^_^ Feel better soon, and if you can, enjoy yourself! Whether that's powering through *or* resting, or both!


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