Monday, June 10, 2013

Giveaway With Knittynudo!

We've got a real adorable giveaway planned for today.. 
It's super cute, fun and colorful..

And now a bit about the creator...

Little sculptures from an unknown world

 where anything and everything exists alongside us.

Soft sculpture is my way of visualising a curious world. They are the characters hiding under the tree roots, between the petals of a flower, under the floorboards, or lost down the rabbit hole. 

I have grown up in the beautiful north of England, surrounded by cultural cities, dense woodlands, rolling mountains, serene lakes, and a roaring sea tide. I've spent my childhood playing out myths and magic in old castles and monasteries , and my adulthood visualising tales of modern day folklore and mythology. 

Knittynudo is all about capturing something about the world, a certain peculiarity or oddness. Little characters with a story. I try to show that even in challenging times the world is still beautiful and full of colour, as long as we still use our imagination. Magic can be found everywhere, and through Knittynudo this quirkiness is interpreted in the form of soft sculptures, needle felted from 100% natural, renewable, and biodegradable materials. Knittynudo is eco art, interpreting the world in all its whimsy and curiosity.

But what you could win is the pair of Flump Creatures.
Are they not the most adorable things?
Guys, I'm so impressed with all these little creatures.
I have tried needle felting.. and it resulted in frustration and bleeding fingers.
These little guys take a lot of love, patience and talent. 
They are all done on such a small scale, that getting the little details takes extreme talent. 

I'm using rafflecopter again for this giveaway. 
Details are in the rafflecopter widget! 

Visit her links! 
Knittynudo blog
Knittynudo facebook page
Knittynudo shop


  1. Those are so cool! My friend does the same thing although not nearly as cute :) Those do take a lot of time!

  2. WOW!!! She has quite a few of my very own totem animals in her shop and even those that aren't are so precious! What a fab giveaway. :D

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  4. love that little squirrel, I've played with felt, even making balls is tricky

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