Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Ideas are floating through my head. 
But my head is foggy so I can't seem to grasp the ideas. 
And even if I could I don't have the energy or mental clarity to go through with an idea right now.

I mentioned yesterday on my facebook page about doing some more giveaways on the blog.
 Maybe collaborating for a group giveaway, or something like that. I got a pretty good response.

So that is something I'm looking into.

I normally charge for ad space on the blog and that includes giveaways,
but I'm thinking for the month of July and August I'll do free giveaways and ad space. 
Cause you know.. there are no real gift giving holidays in the summer.. 
and that's when a lot of views and sales slow down for independent artists.

So, that's something I am planning on.
I will work out the details when my brain works itself out.

I will tell you that I made some incredible chicken noodle soup. 
And I need to share the recipe with you.

I made it mid day, because I knew that at night I would start to feel yucky again.
Isn't that how it always happens?

So, I spent a lot of time making the soup for my future sick self.
I sat down to eat it and thanked my past self for being so considerate.

The soup was amazing. 
And spicy. 

And now I'm just kind of blabbing here. 
Time to drink a bit of tea! 


  1. I hope your head gets clear again soon - rubbish living with a brain full of cloud. x


  2. hope you feel better very soon:)

  3. You are right the soup does look amazing, a cure all soup. Hope you are back to full health!


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