Monday, May 13, 2013

Walking The Same Path

It's been roughly six months... but it hasn't been rough.
 Sterling and I have been together for six months now.

We don't have any actual dates to go from... (which we kind of like) 
 but sometime in December we made things official.
We'd known each for about year, but we have been officially dating for 6 months.
Though we don't care too much about the dates, we don't have a certain anniversary, we aren't celebrating any particular day, it's a time to recognize that it's been the best 6 months of my life.
Be prepared for a long cheesy post full of pictures and me being all lovey.
This man is my perfect balance. 
The first person I feel is my equal. 
He is my other half. 
I truly believe that. 

It's like we met one day on the same path, looked each other in the eye, nodded, grabbed hands and kept walking, but this time together. 
I never thought I would make these cheesy posts. 
I never thought I would be this in love. 

We are perfect partners. 
We share the same hopes, dreams, visions, and even thoughts.
He is my date, my running partner and my best friend. 

He sees my darkness, and I see his. 
He sees my light, and I see his. 
We support each other in our true selves and see each other for what's under the being. 

He understands my depression and anxiety. 
He loves me for my past.
And I love him for his.

He's been through a lot, and he is the bravest and strongest person I've ever met. 
And he loves me for my bravery and my strength.
But I finally get to show my weakness, and he can finally show his.
(Don't worry, he doesn't have any.) 
I've never been so comfortable with another individual. 
He is an extension of my heart and soul. 
He is me, and I am him. 
We can't decide if 6 months is long or short. 
It's been fun, it's been exciting, it's been real, and it's been magic. 
Every day is like the first. 
Every day could be our last.
We are like kids in love. 


  1. You absolutely deserve this. I could cry reading this. LOVE.

  2. Your story has touched my heart and gives me hope that one day I will meet my other half :)

  3. I love this. <3 Especially when you mentioned sharing the same thoughts. SO often do people not feel this way, or not understand this. But Jen and I have since we were teenagers, to the point where if I was scared while offline, she would KNOW something was up despite the distance and would ask me instantly when I was online, or call me and vice versa. It's downright magickal. :) I feel so honored, so lucky that I met my soul mate when I was 13 and I am so glad that you have found yours.


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