Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Raven And The Wolf - A Valentine's Post

Happy Valentine's Day! 
I figured I would do a cute post about love, but that's about all I've been doing lately! 
So, I figured I would share the "Our Story" page that I have on my menu bar.

The wolf and the raven have a complex but beautiful relationship that is many thousands of years old.
Wolves and ravens have long been connected in folklore and fact. 
The Nordic God Odin is often represented sitting on his throne, surrounded by wolves and ravens. 
Studies show the raven guiding the wolf to prey, and the wolf leaves ample food for the raven. The two animals form bonds and relationships. 
They play together, hunt together and even tease each other. 

 One of my spirit animals is the Wolf, and Sterling's is the Raven. Like the wolf, we center our ceremonies around the moon,
 and each time we include our stone totem animals as a representation of our relationship. 

 Our relationship is similar to to that of the Raven and the Wolf. 
 There is guiding, giving, taking, playing and teasing. Both wanting the other to survive, live and thrive.

 We suspect in a past life we really did play the roles of the raven and the wolf together. 
 We suspect our past lives have coincided together for eternities.

 There is familiarity when we look into each other's eyes.

 Sterling and I met through his sister who is also an artist. He and I met online, and then in person the next day while he was in town. We recognized each other the moment we made eye contact. We each meant to stay and chat for about 15-20 minutes, but our conversation carried on for over 2 hours. It was more than chatting, we spoke of dreams, astral travel, traveling the world, divorce, heartache and happiness. He went back to LA and I stayed in the town we met. We wrote letters and shared late night conversations over the phone for months. We got to know each other over miles and miles of distance which created a strong and powerful connection. We got to know each other through words and feelings. This went on for months and the connection grew.

  Then one night in the winter snow, just before Christmas we were reunited. 
 I ran to him and jumped on him knocking his hat into the snow.
 I know for a fact, that we shared the most epic kiss in the  history of kisses that night. 

Sterling and I are choosing a non conventional Valentine's Day this year.
 We decided no fancy dinners, no flowers, chocolates or roses.
We've both had pretty bad Valentine's experiences, so we are choosing a different way of celebrating.
We are going on a little trip!
We are packing up the car, clothes, art supplies and Mister Wicket,
and heading to Sedona Arizona today to explore some energy vortexes, nature and outdoor goodness.

So, for the next little while... I'll be blogging from the road 
and posting to instagram and twitter. Make sure you are following! 
It's going to be an adventure! 

Instagram Name : Treetalker
Twitter : Talk2thetrees 
Facebook: Talk2thetreesart


  1. I'm so happy you will be in Sedona. It's magical! I live in AZ and I think Sedona is my favorite place here. It's so beautiful. Hope you guys have a wonderfun & safe trip!

    1. Yeah! We've both wanted to go.. and it's never really worked out until now!!

  2. WHEEEEEE! I've always wanted to go to Sedona. I loved reading about the Wolf and the Raven- I never knew about their relationship! P.s. How was I not following you on IG??

    1. I'm holding a rock which my Shaman friend brought back for me from one of the vortexes in Sedona and gave to me as a birthday gift. This rock has a lot to say, let me tell you!

    2. EEEEP! You just made me SO MUCH MORE EXCITED!!! You have no idea.. haha yay!!

  3. Have fun on your trip! Sounds so exciting and rejuvenating!!!


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