Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Threads- Coral and Khaki

Today life is so good.
Today I am sitting in my classroom sipping my warm coffee.
I'm at peace.

Our house is all moved in.
Pictures tomorrow. I promise.

Life is beautiful my friends. I hope you see that.
I hope you see how beautiful YOU are too.

And I felt like I really needed to say that.
This week's outfit post takes place in my favorite field again. 
It's up Provo Canyon, almost to the very top. 
It's very sacred to me. 
Just beautiful. 
Beautiful energy and lovely vibes. 

Looking at these pictures, I look truly happy and comfortable to be in my field. 
If I ever get married again, I just may hold the wedding in this field. 
But, I am certainly not thinking about marriage. 

Just so you know. 

I wanted to dress in fall colors. 
A beautiful coral, with some browns.
And a flash of blue for the dark skies that come with fall.

I love that looking through these photos I can match the colors of my clothing to the colors in the background.

Do you see all this beauty?!

I'm going to tell you a secret about the way that I dress. 
For dresses that are mostly free form, like this coral one, 
I but XL. So that it fits longer!
 I normally belt my dresses anyways, and I can always take in the extra fabric around my bust.
Which I forgot to do for this one..

But yes, that's my secret. Most of the time, dress size doesn't matter. 
Unless it has darts and pleating..
Then I would get it in your size.
Unless you know how to sew. 

Coral Dress - Forever 21
Khaki Jacket - Thrift Store
Blue Necklace - Forever 21
Suede heels - Thrift Store 

View it on Lookbook!


  1. You do look happy and lovely. And I am amazed at how beautiful your background is, Provo Canyon is indeed a good place. I love your whole look especially your dress.

  2. just went to bear lake, up through the cache national forest (near logan, i guess) and it was breathtaking. utah definitely has the most beautiful fall colors! (also i love that little jacket!)

  3. i bet it feels soooooooooo good to finally be all moved in! i just moved last month and i must say, it feels like such an accomplishment when all of the chaos and messiness comes to an end! i love your dress.... and i love your little secret about buying it a bit large - i do the same thing! ;) you live in such a pretty area... thanks for sharing the views!

    xx, kara

  4. Ah now lets see - 11 pics of you, and 1 of the view. Wondering what you mean by "Do you see all this beauty?"

    1. Wondering what you mean by this comment. This is an outfit post. That is why I have more photos of me then nature. But the caption under the view says "Do you see all this beauty?" If you want to see more photos of the scenery feel free to look at other posts. Just be aware, Thursday Thread posts WILL have a lot of photos of me and my outfits.

  5. I'll never understand why people need to leave snide comments... :(

    But anyways, you look lovely! And pleaseeeee... you have to tell me where this field is? I've been up provo canyon every day for the past three days and I've never seen it! Do you go up to squaw peak and hike up past there? I need to know!


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