Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Right Place

Yesterday we were surprised by our sweet downstairs neighbors with pizza, drinks and ice cream.
They even brought me my very own gluten free pizza!
But we are loving the house, the neighborhood and the neighbors. 
We are in the right place.

It's mostly all cleaned up, and mostly in working condition.
The yard is being taken care of, and hopefully someone will be in to fix the washing machine soon.
But we are loving the house, the neighborhood and the neighbors. 

Last night after our neighbors left we decided it was time to bless and cleanse the house. 
The house held a lot of negative energy and tension.
It caused a few grumpy mornings, anxious nights, and some stressed days.

So, I turned on some meditation music that is sacred to me.
I lit some candles and put some bells on my wrist. 
I brought a cleansing crystal with me and blessed and smudged the house with sage.

I banished all negative energies, entities and emotions from our house.
I reminded the house and the air inside that this is a home of healing, harmony and love.

I went through each room a few times, 
repeating my blessing.

This left the entire home and all those in it with a feeling of extreme peace.

Because when you cleanse a home, you help cleanse yourself too.

The feeling of peace was still there in the morning.
And I feel it a bit now in myself.
I have a clear head and a peaceful heart.
This is something I will do more often.

The house slept soundly, and we all woke up in peace.
 This is what defines home for me.
A place of peace.
I will get more photos of the new house soon.
I promise.
I'm not meaning to just show small glimpses.
I just haven't had time to take photos yet. 

Today I took a small walk on my lunch break.
I found an adorable pine cone, begging to be picked up.
I picked it up..
This pine cone is a symbol to me.
Pine cones are associated with the pineal gland, also known as the third eye.
I have been doing meditations on furthering opening my third eye.
So, seeing this pine cone made me feel blissful indeed.
Read more about the pine cone and the pineal gland here.

 I love that simple parts of nature that most people pass by are actually gifts from our Earth that represent something on a larger scale. Like puzzle pieces to those who look for them.

Speaking of gifts..
I have a very cute boy who sends me feathers and dried wild flowers folded into letters. 
 We met in person several months ago, and kept in contact.
I've never enjoyed writing letters this much, 
because when I receive a letter back it's full of beauty, petals, feathers and kind words. 

I will keep you all updated on this mystery man of mine...
One day, we will meet up and take photos together.
That's my plan any ways.


  1. Beautiful entry, and I love your pine cone! Very exciting about your Mystery Man too, those sound like fun letters to get :)


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