Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Almost a Haven

My house is coming along.
We are 89% unpacked.
I spent 6 hours in my room cleaning and organizing. 
It's very important to me to have a separated bedroom from my studio.
Luckily, I am a master at interior design.
I set up a few shelves and desks to block off part of the room for my stuido.

The entrance of my room is my sacred space.
Full of my mystical and odd little collections.
Crystals, incense, bottles, found feathers, bones, and all sorts of oddities. 

As you walk in you will find my beautiful ivy covered window, next to my dressers and closet.
But, since the neighbor waved at me from his house window into mine, I decided to get curtains.
I won't get to enjoy the beautiful ivy as much, but privacy is better.
Plus, you could scramble the word privacy and make ivy. 
And prac. but that's not a real word. 

As you continue in, you will find my loft style bed.
I love high beds, mostly for the lovely storage space under it. 
I hung curtains up above my bed so it would look like a fancy headboard.
Wicket and I feel like princesses.

Inside my room, separated by a shelf or two is my studio.
A small, but still perfect space for me to paint, meditate and do some yoga. 

I can feel the stress of my life winding down a notch.
(The toilet has been fixed thanks to a very handy friend.)

And now that most of the boxes are unpacked and stored safely in the shed,
the house is looking like a home.

It's starting to feel like a home too. 
There are a lot of negative energies left from the previous tenants.
A lot of tension remains in this house.

The previous tenants were in the process of divorce.
You can tell a lot of sadness and fighting has happened in this house.

We are filling the house up with our positive energy.
But as soon as the boxes are unpacked and the house is clean and orderly, 
I plan to cleanse the house and bless it with some sage. 

This house will soon be a haven for us.




  1. I'm glad your house is coming along! I know what you mean about the energy left behind, I have experienced that before. Great idea to cleanse it :)

  2. It's such a blessing to have your own space and feel comfortable in it. I'm so glad things are coming along! I hope all the negative energy dissipates soon!

  3. Maybe you should do a energy cleansing by smudging a sage bundle?.. You can get them on etsy and google how to do it! Might be worth it if you can actually feel the negative feelings!

  4. Oops, i didn't read that one line where you said you were going to do that already.... Sorry to be redundant!

  5. And prac. But that's not a real word. Haha love it. Hope the energies become positive soon! I am planning on doing the same in the house we are moving into. And this house now before we leave just to reset.

  6. love your little room! and that you are connected to your space. i should cleanse my house....

  7. I love your blanket and pillowcases! Did you make them? They're lovely!


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