Monday, October 1, 2012

Giveaway Winner and Peeks into my New House

This weekend was nuts.

I can't begin to describe how tired I am.
Pure exhaustion. 

Friday was spent packing.
Saturday was spent moving. From 12pm to 12am. 
Sunday was spent cleaning the old place, and unpacking.
We still aren't done! 
My poor muscles are sore. 
I'm walking with a limp that is NOT cute.
I'm tired, and a little grouchy. 

Here are some peeks of my weekend.

One of my bedroom windows has ivy growing around it.
 My old studio, now empty.
The Uhaul's last load.

Two feathers from my angel.
Me being silly at the store.
Not enough sleep, and feeling like a goof.
The very last load at the old house.
My current bedroom/studio.
Once day, it will look cute and organized.
(That day is today by the way.)
Though, I'm not sure where my Tardis cut out will go. :(
A bit of my living room.
My new route to school.
Mornings are lovely.

So, the night we moved in we were faced with the realization that things weren't actually working.
I thought our biggest problem was going to be the yard smelling.

We've got bigger problems on our hands.

Our washing machine is broken. No spin cycle.
Our toilet doesn't flush, the only way it fills up and flushes is if the water knob is turned on.
The toilet won't stop filling if it's on.
If the water knob is turned on, there shall be NO cold water in the house.
Only beyond boiling. 

The windows don't open, and it was very hot. 
Even if the windows did open, there are no screens.
Since the dog poop problem outside, there are flies.
Just from moving we let in about 30 flies. 

So, the cute house has a lot of problems. 
But, we are slowly tacking them all.

I took care of the weird and scary black wood in the bathroom.
And we fixed the swamp cooler.
I've been watering the lawn to inspire it to grow to help with the dog poop problem.

The rest will be brought up today when I meet with the land lord.

Our toilet will be fixed.
So will the washer.
And the yard will be cleaned up.
Oh, and all of the stuff the last tenant left behind that's sitting in the carport.
That will be gone too.
Those are my demands.
And they will be met. 

Oh they will.

Sorry. I'm tired. I'm reading this in a voice like I was an evil villain or something.
I even did an evil laugh. 

But yes! Good things! 
Good things will happen to my house.
Because I already love it.

And more good things! 
Let's announce the winner of the giveaway! 

Yay! AND that steam punk/Victorian style jacked sounds amazing.


  1. Oh dear, I hope you get all the problems sorted out!! x

  2. Good luck!

  3. Moving is hard work, good luck in your new home and I am sure the problems will be sorted soon and be forgotten even sooner. X

  4. Oh, the pleasure and pain of moving away! Pain, as you leave the sanctuary that housed a lot of cherished memories. Pleasure because you’ll get to live in a new, sweet home and meet new people, new friends, and wonderful neighbors. =)

  5. As much as possible, don't let those leaves cover the windows. It feels good to see the sunshine you know! :) By the way, I like the text written in your living room, Rachael. It's lovely! :P

  6. L-O-V-E!! I strongly agree with Philip. It sure is cute, Rachael! :) Well, I like mornings too, especially if there are no traffic jams. By the way, where did you buy that shirt you're wearing at the store? I L-O-V-E it!

    Katy Desroches


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