Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Threads - Ruffles and Gold

I hope to always be a ruffle sort of girl. 
I just love lace, ruffles, bows and flowers. 

The thing with ruffles, is it doesn't always have to look super girly.
My favorite pair of boots are ruffled, but studs on the side tone the girly girl look down a bit.
This beautiful handmade shirt from Andwhatelseisthere is the perfect amount of girly for me.
It's made with a beautiful velvet fabric, and I'm a big fan of the low back.
The velvet fabric is perfect for the fall weather right now.

Ruffle Shirt - Andwhatelseisthere 
Boots - Steve Madden


  1. Very cute outfit! You're already getting fall weather? We're facing down the possibility of another hurricane where I live. I'm both happy for you and insanely jealous. :)

  2. Great photoshoot! I love that you popped in some shots of the old car and tractor as well:)

  3. Are you talking about ruching or ruffles? I'm not seeing ruffles, lace, bows or flowers in any of the photos. Unless there are ruffles on the boots, but if so it's too dark to tell.

    1. She's saying she LIKES those things, not that there are any in the pictures. And I can kinda see how ruching can be thought of as ruffles.

      Regardless, whatever, Rachael you look lovely. (:

    2. The boots definitely have ruffles. :) Maybe I didn't explain myself right. I have a hard time typing or talking if I haven't had my morning coffee. Hehe.

  4. Wonderful photos, Rachael!
    Love the outfit and the photos! Fantastic!
    Would love to see your tatoo on your left forearm better. :)

    So glad your housing worked out, too!! :)

  5. Passes you more coffee. What kind do you like?

  6. Wow Great pictures! Utahis beautiful this time of year and you make me want to cut my hair short. If only I could rock it like you do!

    - Ky

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