Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Sense Of Home

Fall is almost here. I can feel it, smell it and see it.
 My favorite season. Where the leaves crunch under my feet. 
And I get to bundle up in scarves and hats, 
hang a red wreath on my door and put pumpkins on my porch, 
 make caramel apple cider 
and of course wear boots. 

I recently went up to one of my favorite spots in the world.
Up Provo canyon there is a giant field. 
My field.
It is my spot.. Well, at least when I'm there it is. 
It is beauty and peace. 
I get the best feeling there.
A sense of home. 
It's a spot I keep going back to. 
Spirit and dreams.


  1. I'm headed up provo canyon today on a little adventure! I have been in such a good mood ever since it hit september... I absolutely love the last four months of the year.

  2. I love fall as well!! I can't wait!!

  3. Fall is so amazing! I love the pictures of the leaves, it gave me butterflies just thinking that those colors are not too far away!

    J.P Photograhy

  4. as i say every season (except winter)- im not ready for the season change!!!! i try to hang on, soak up every last bit of the season, and cram in as much of it as i can! lol summer is my favorite, but fall and spring fall just behind it. i love fall, the leaves, the smells, the wind, and of course the layers of clothing hats, long socks, boots, hats!

  5. i just stumbled upon your blog & the moment i saw these pictures i thought, "hey, i know those mountains". love the canyon this time of year, i need to take my little family up there soon.



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