Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Threads - Feral

The summer sun is on it's last rounds. 
The warm air and soft breezes will soon be out.
 My days of wearing a soft and flowy skirt and walking barefoot will be put on hold. 

As much as I love fall, I'm in a constant battle to stay in summer. 
Because after fall is winter. And winter is just too cold. 
 I've got a few more days of barefoot walks and tank tops. 
A few more days of exploring fields and forests like a pixie. 

 I feel like this outfit post is the summary of summer. 
A free spirit summer, my favorite kind. 
In this outfit post I am wearing favorite wrap skirt, a lacy scarf,
 and my new favorite watch from Feral Watches.

I'm not normally a watch person,
but this one is very fitting.
The band is actually very long and wraps around my wrist like a wrap bracelet. 
It's very lightweight, I can barely even tell it's on.

When I don't wear it, I find myself looking at my wrist to see what time it is.
I never thought I would be that person, but I must say, I like it.

Gypsy Skirt- Flea Market
Scarf - Antique Store


  1. Love your outfit! You are a beautiful creature!

  2. oh i feel the same about summer! and i love fall too! but the winter sky, the constant chill in the air, the hibernation of staying indoors and lack of sunshine always get me down, and i hate that!!!! i really love this look- put on a jean jacket or a sweater and some boots and this will be great in the winter!

  3. That scarf is amazing. Cute ensemble:)

  4. I am going through the same thing. I am ready for fall but I love summer time so much. Cute skirt!


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