Friday, September 14, 2012

By Myself

I am by myself.
And I say that with pride.

I'm not meaning I am alone here...
though I do mean that as well..

I am by myself in the sense that
I am by my self.

I stand by myself.
I support myself
I am proud of myself.

I rely on no one, and rarely seek out help or support. 
I am by myself.
Beside my self.
I am myself.

And I am so proud of that.

There is no way I can make anyone happy.
There is no way I can make others proud of me.
Or accept me. 

The only thing that I can do, is make myself happy.

I've been reflecting on myself a lot lately.
Becoming even more self aware and appreciative of my self. 
My own soul. 
The only thing I keep from this world. 
I promise I'm not antisocial
Or anti love.
Or anything like that at all. 

I know there is a perfect person out there for me.
Who stands by themselves too. 
Who will support me in standing by myself.

And I do have high hopes for this mystery boy I've been telling you about.
Sorry to be so vague. 
A little bit of mystery is good. 


  1. I LOVE this. This is how I feel, with maybe a little less self love haha but I'm working on that ;) seriously though, it's wonderful isn't it?

  2. Glad to read that you are feeling good being with yourself.
    I think you have to be comfy with yourself and be able to depend on yourself before truely being with someone else.
    Enjoy your way of living and being and thanks for sharing :)

  3. Well said. Having time to be alone and being comfortable being alone is so important and having the right man who respects that makes a big difference. There are some who think this is antisocial but it's all about balance.

  4. It's always a good idea to keep things to yourself. Be proud of who you are!

  5. It is wonderful to stand tall within yourself! And such a good feeling to be so independent, it makes every day its own small adventure :)


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