Thursday, June 7, 2012

Least Of My Worries

Hey! It's Thursday, and I haven't done a Thursday Threads post in forever!
And, I won't be doing one today. 
I've been so busy.
Yesterday I worked 10 hours,
 and then came home and filled orders until I was exhausted.

Why would I do this to myself?
Because I'm a determined girl. 
And I've got a goal to reach. 

I'm currently spending this next little bit of my life working extra hard.
I'm working on getting out of debt, and having all my bills paid,
so that I can get back to doing art full time.

It was a pretty big decision to come to.
 I had doing my shops full time for 2 years, 
and was making enough to make all the payments I needed...
But, I'm sick of the payments, and interest rates and emails.. 
So, I'm kicking it into high gear.

I'm incredibly lucky to have 2 jobs that I love.
I currently work at a floral shop, 
where I can wear dresses and ride my bike to and from.
And I'm working as an art teacher,
where I can be in an artistic environment.
 Not to mention, painting in my free time.
Which I will still find the time. 

I'm going to be a busy girl for the next little while.
So, if I don't get to answering emails for a little while, that's why.

But, I'll be doing my best to keep things as close to normal as I can. 
And I will still be posting on this blog.
This blog is extremely important to me.
Maybe a bit too important. 



  1. Keep posting, I love your blog>3

  2. And by >3 I meant <3 of course. ha ha

  3. I've been wanting to congratulate you on that job, that is such great news! I knew you'd get it though, that job was perfect for you!
    And I'm sure you'll get used to your more normal, but still pretty hair soon;)

  4. Sounds awesome Rachel. Happy for you... ;)xo

  5. Awesome! I love this high energy! The best life is spent without rest and living up to your full potential.


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