Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All Natural

So, I've made the heart breaking decision to go back to my natural color.
I had crazy fun hair for almost a year... and I decided it was time to give my poor strands a break,
also starting a new important job, I felt I should look a bit professional. 
I dyed it brown yesterday, and cried because I felt boring.
No offense to anyone who has brown hair, I just wasn't used to it!

Of course I complained and got tremendous support from all of my wonderful friends.
And now I want to apologize for being such a big baby.

I'll learn to love it.
And it's good to have my natural color back.
And I'm excited to have healthy hair again.

No more gooey wet tips.
No more breaking strands.
Maybe it will even get curly again!

Ah, see? Now I'm excited!


  1. It's good that even though you're disappointed, you're finding some positive ways to look at this. I know when I dyed all of my hair back to its natural color (a dark brown) I was disappointed for a bit, so I understand how different and sad it can be.

  2. Girl, Its soo cute and I love it!!! Way to be positive I always admire your positivity!

  3. god, i know what that feels like... i have a pink pixie cut, and just graduated from college. i decided i wanted to be blonde for graduation (my natural color), and went to the salon. they said there was basically no way to go blonde, but i could go brunette. i considered it seriously for about 10 minutes and almost had a panic attack at the thought of being this boring brown color after being pink! i decided not to get my hair colored after all and kept it pink for graduation.

    a job is a little more important though... and it does look really nice on you! i look back at my pre-pink pictures and it's shocking to see the difference (as it was when i first colored my hair). i'm sure the brunette will take some getting used to, but i'm sure soon enough you'll look back at old pictures and be shocked at how "weird" you look without brown hair. ;)

    - Madie

  4. I love it! And good decision for you job! I was a red head for a few years and cut off all my hair and dyed it back to brown a couple of years ago. It has completely grown out and it so healthy now. I'll never ever regret that decision!

  5. You know there are so many ways to perk up your hair without dyeing it. I love the spray on hair glitter. There is also colored hair spray in neon shades. I love clipping feathers to my hair. I even made some cool dreads and cowry hair falls. Even if you have short hair, you can still make a bun with faux hair falls. And you already know about fascinators. Or make a face veil. I saw a cool one on a bridal magazine today.

    So you can still look professional at work and snazzy when you are on your own clock.

    1. Oh and I just remembered hair chalk. That is new I think.

  6. Rachael,
    You are so fortunate to look amazing in every hair color!!

    Congratulations again on your new job!!

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  8. Hey, Rachael! I read this and just had to comment... :D
    I've had my hair every possible color too. Last, i had it turquoise on the bangs purple on the sides and back with a white streak on the back. It was crazy, but it was so cool. I went to get something new done and i came out of the salon with my natural hair color -plain ol' borin' brunette :( I felt so boring and "normal" but my stylist said she was afraid i might loose the follicle :O horror!!! I've been treating it for like 3 months now and i got my curls back!!! YAY!! and I've learned love my natural (boring) color!
    You look beautiful!
    Greetings from Costa Rica!

  9. I think if you are an art teacher, you are almost required to have funky hair. And if they hired you with funky hair, then they were obviously ok with it! If it makes you feel more professional then that's great, but you got this job because you are who you are, not because you want to try to be someone your not...

  10. I thank your hair looks nice brown ,mines brown but I dye it a lot to , nice job

  11. The way I see it is, you are beautiful with any hair color you choose!

  12. Growing up sucks, doesn't it? But you look great.

  13. congrats on the new job! i think you will look adorable no matter what you do to your hair. i'm a crazy hair dyer myself. and it is good to give your hair a break for time to time. i also have brown curly hair and get bored very easily. i'm currently trying to go back to my natural as well. i had to dye it black for a play i was in. so dark!! and i'm growing it out at the same time. so impatient!
    i think now that you are an art teacher you should still embrace your funky hair when you feel like. if anyone can get away with it it should be the art teacher right? :) hehe


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