Friday, June 8, 2012


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The human body is extremely powerful.
We have the ability to heal ourselves and make our life the way we want it.

Our thoughts and feelings are a lot stronger than we think.
Thoughts are actually physical matter, and the way they affect us is extraordinary.

Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation.
The thoughts we tell ourselves and others is a stream of affirmations.

Our beliefs are learned thought patters that we have developed since our childhood. Many of these beliefs are good for us, and they work. But others may be working against us and keeping us from achieving what we want. 

Everything we think of say is a direct reflection of our inner truth or beliefs. It's important to know that many of these "inner truths" may not actually be all that true, and may just be there based on our childhood, or constant thinking.

We learn to automatically respond and react to everyday events in our life, based on our inner dialogue and these inner truths we have.

But, we have so much more control over our lives than that.
We may not be able to change what happens in our life, but by changing how we respond to it, we can change how we experience life.
And isn't the experience what it's really about?

Changing how you respond to events in your life is just the first step, drawing in what you want and need is the second, and almost the most important.

I'm sure you have all read or watched "The Secret." And if not, I highly recommend it.
There is no better feeling in life than I am in control of my life.
Our thoughts are continually attracting things to us.
What you think today, will affect your tomorrow.

I don't mean we should just think more positively. I mean, we should decide what we want, and think we have it.

Positive Affirmations, are usually short positive statements targeted at a specific subconscious set of beliefs, to challenge  and undermine negative beliefs and to replace them with positive self-nurturing beliefs. It is a kind of "brainwashing" only you get to choose which negative beliefs to wash away.

The way these statements are constructed is extremely important.  It is important to remember that everything we say and think is a positive affirmation, using positive affirmation statements forces us to keep focussed on our inner goals and reminds us to think consciously about our words and thoughts and to modify them to reflect our positive affirmation.

You subconscious mind cannot determine what is the truth and what is a lie, so repeating any affirmation will increase your feeling of wellbeing, and sense of security and love.

Whether you are suffering now or not, choose an affirmation that suits your situation and say it as often as you can during the course of your day.

Say it to yourself first thing in the morning as you look into the bathroom mirror. This will start your day off to a good start. Then repeat it as often as you can during the day. Repeat it in your head, or in the car, while you make dinner and right before you go to bed. Write it down, and put it where you will see it. Just remember to repeat it, and repeat it and repeat it.

The way we construct our affirmation is very important.
Saying, "I want to be happy." will help you recognize what you want... but it won't help you get it.
It's still focusing on what you are lacking.
Saying, "I am happy." gives you the ability to feel what it would be like to be happy.
And that visualization, that feeling you get is what will stick.
That in itself will wash out all the fear and negativity and replace it with something good.

Here is a list of some positive affirmations I have found, and even used.

"I am a loving giving person allowing the power of the universe into my life"

"My mind is at peace at all times"

"I accept of the universe the way it is right now"
"I have the means to travel abroad, whenever I want to."

  "I am successful in whatever I do."

"Everything is getting better every day."

"I am attracting soothing and calming energy into my body"

"I am calm and relaxed and all is well in my world"

"My breathing is easy and natural"

"I love and accept myself right now"

"My heart is beating at its correct rhythm"

"I'm free of all fears about the future"

"I'm in complete control of my emotions and actions"

  "I am healthy and happy."

  "Wealth is pouring into my life."

  "I am getting wealthier each day."

  "My body is healthy and functioning in a very good way."

  "I have a lot of energy."

  "I study and comprehend fast."

  "My mind is calm."

  "I am calm and relaxed in every situation."

"My thoughts are under my control."

  "I radiate love and happiness."

"I am surrounded by love."

"I have the perfect job for me.

 "I am healthy, happy and radiant"

"I am at peace with myself and the universe"

"I am relaxed"
"I am living in the house of my dreams"

  "I have good and loving relations with my wife/husband."

"I have a wonderful and satisfying job."

"I am beautiful."
And of course, it never hurts to wake up and think, 
"Today is going to be a wonderful day."


  1. Wow!! This is verryyyy thoughtful!! (:


  2. I absolutely love this post and it couldn't have come at a better time for me! Truly inspirational! I'll definitely stop and think about how I can react to different situations to change my experiences now! Thank you!

  3. I totally agree that positive thinking brings positive things! I tell people all the time that they need to become more aware of the sneaky ways negativity creeps into ones life.. it has a way of disguising itself and wreaking havoc on the mind.

    Have a great weekend lady! Keep spreading the light!

    Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan

  4. Wow, I completely agree with your line of thought. Thoughts are things, and I believe what you think about, you attract.

    Have you read 'Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill? It's much along the lines of 'The Secret,' but was published in 1937. It is an outstanding book! If you liked 'The Secret,' I highly recommend 'Think and Grow Rich' to you. (Here's the Amazon link if you want to read some reviews:

  5. This post is really inspiring! It reminds me of a line I heard: "Your presence of mind becomes a presence in mind and body for good, so you are less affected by the negative pressures and principalities."

    Sometime I think everyone in the world needs a good dose of positive thinking injected into their lives!

  6. Hi Rachel! Pls do join my international giveaway here:

    I would really appreciate it! Thank you :))

  7. I love positive affirmations! I love reminding myself how I am confident and how I am allowed to stick up for myself! This reminds me a lot of the work of Louise Hay and self-healing...right now I am working on healing my teeth!

  8. Thanks for sharing. I'm working on job applications now and this helps =D

    PS I sew (and blog about it) too and found you via your dress tute. Any chance of installing disqus . Disqus handles spam blocking for you (it uses Akismet, the same algorithm that's built into Wordpress) and enables cross platform commenting while keeping tabs on comments, responses, pings and trackbacks. This means people from wordpress, typepad, livejournal, overblog etc will be able to keep track of your responses without having to get a Google ID (OpenID is supposed to facilitate this but it doesn't actually work for non-Google IDs XS) or coming back to the same post to check responses.


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