Monday, May 21, 2012

My Herbal Kitchen

About three months ago, I gave up medicine. 
No more asprin or pain killers for my headaches. 
I decided to go the all natural route when it comes to my health. 

Since then, my kitchen has sprouted with herbs and medicinal plants.
Making a tincture of Thyme for skin problems.
My vegetable garden, now moved into their new home in the back yard.
I've also put together an herbal first aid kit.
Vitamins, rubs, and oils.
Homemade ointments.
And my favorite herbs in capsule form.
I have been headache free for a very long time.
Headaches were a thing I would deal with nearly every day.
Which meant, taking medicine, every day.
One day, I decided to quit. 
Just quit.

The first 2 weeks were awful.
Lots of rebound headaches...
But, after that, I've felt great. 
Plus, I personally believe my house smells pretty great. 
(Minus Valerian, that stuff smells like feet!) 


  1. Oh, Rachael! I'm am so happy your natural route is working so well for you! I love your medicinal herb garden. Can I ask you about what you did to get rid of your headaches? I have daily headaches and weekly migraines, and I'm just so sick of taking pills for it.

    And don't you love cooking up your own ointments and tinctures? I've just perfected my natural sunscreen bars, and I've got a calendula infusion that has a week to go before I can start using it. Working in my herbs and oils always makes me want to move to some little cottage at the edge of the woods.

    1. Hi Allison! I used peppermint oil, tiger balm, and drank lots of water. Sometimes I will take fever few or frankincense for the headaches if they are bad. I haven't had a BAD one in a long long time!!
      And yes... little cottage in the woods, is my DREAM house!

  2. I love the way you deal with that all shebang <3 Would love to make my own medicine kitchen like your tincture of thyme!!! Have a lovely day :)

  3. I would live to see a tutorial on the DIY rubs and such.

  4. GOOD FOR YOU!! :) Thats awesome!!!


  5. That is so awesome,,I would love to know where you get your info on how to make them is,,

  6. This is a really great idea! Especially since my husband is VERY anti-medicine, but still suffers from aches and pains from all the sports he plays, I'd love to know where you got the info to do all of this so I can make my own, I know he would be much happier if I offered him something natural instead of a Tylenol next time he walked in with a sore back or something!

  7. Yes! I've been completely off of medications for the past 4 years with the exception of period cramps because I cannot torture myself. I use aloe on my skin every single day twice as well...that stuff is brilliant. I went to school for holistic nutrition if you ever have any questions!

  8. Girl after my own heart! Jen and I have planted some vegetables, however we also have quite a few herbs (sage, lavender, etc.) We've been talking about making a medicinal herb garden as well. PLUS, as Witches, we grow magickal herbs. :D Which can be used in SO MUCH.

    Gah, I bet your house DOES smell amazing!

    I love the natural goodies you use as well!

    1. You are going to have to tell me a bit about these magickal herbs.. it's something I'm getting into, and would LOVE some info!! xoxo

  9. This is so inspiring, good for you!!!

  10. Pretty impressive. I have to say I agree with you. While I have not gone completely natural with medications, I really do not take any medications for thing other than every now and then some Advil for sinus like sister, my mother and my father are like walking drug stores. My father has high blond pressure and heart condition, my mother went through three years of a breast cancer fight and my sister has MS. Each of them take and this is no joke...possibly 30 pills a day. My sisters "breakfast cocktail" alone consist of 17 pills and one injection. I tell all three of them repeatedly that I feel some of their issues have more to do with the combination of medications they consume a day and all of their colorful side effects...they don't listen to me but it is good to see someone else get on board with how horrible the stuff we consume can be. The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry they make money off of you being sick and the pills they prescribe you. That is not to say that I do not believe some medications are like saving and some individuals need medications for various reasons but many people today are severely over for you sister friend...good for you!

  11. You should do a tutorial on how to make rose water lol i'm really wanting to make some.

  12. Love this post! You are a pretty awesome lady!

  13. Your herbal treatment collection is looking really good! So glad to know that you too are now reaping the benefits of natural medicine. People tend to be a little wary of herbal medicines, but then a lot of medicines out today have chemicals or essences derived from herbs. Having a collection of herbal treatments, and in your case growing one, is also actually affordable, and helps save money. It’s like having an organic pillbox.


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