Saturday, May 19, 2012

Be Silent

Last night 
I lost my grip on reality 
and welcomed insanity. 
saw me and said, 
I showed up. 
Wipe your tears
and be silent.

I said, O Love 
I am frightened, 
but it's not you. 
Love said to me, 
There is nothing 
that is not me. 
Be silent.


I always seem to hear just what I need,
and when I need it.

Love is in everything.
The morning mist.
and the last breath of the sunset.
Fill your life with love. 
Love now, now... love.
Because love is everything..
and a life without love 
is hardly a life.
Happiness is best shared. 
 And life is very beautiful. 

 Don't let love scare you.
Love doesn't hurt you,
it's the lack of love does. 
Open yourself up to love.
Love in all forms,
self love, romance, friendship..
all forms.
Love, and you can not go wrong.

Thank you.


  1. this is gorgeous rachael!! your headwrap is rockin'!! ;)


  2. I love that railroad track picture! All of the pictures are gorgeous!

  3. i love your skirt/scarf/sarong thing! teach me how to tie them so they stay on! haha.


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