Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spoke To Soon

I spoke much too soon about my hopes for Spring.
We woke up with snow this morning!
So, I took the doggies out..
it's about time to introduce Wicket to some snow.
I wasn't sure how he would react, since his favorite thing is snuggling up to the heater. 

The boys had a lot of fun, and Wicket is now snuggling up next to me
while I get ready to knit some hats.
Speaking of knitting, do you like my scarf?
I'll be adding one just like it to the shop.
It will be a two of a kind scarf! 
One for me, and one for the shop. 

Well Utah, I'm sorry for cursing us.
I should have knocked on wood.


  1. Ah! It snowed on you! It hasn't snowed here in two years (and hopefully won't again this year). I love the scarf! It almost looks like bark.


  2. Allison! Hurry and knock on wood before it snows like it did to me!!

  3. Wish we had snow!!

    Love the cheeky looks those pups are giving the camera.

  4. AHA! You cursed us. I thought I did. ;) I just blogged about our warm weather yesterday, hah. Jen and I woke up to some snow in West Jordan this morning as well. <3 I will admit it's beautiful!!!

    LOVE your scarf!

  5. you have a lovely blog. I loved your hair and your puppy is very sweet =)

  6. Your dogs are so cute and, yes indeed, I DID notice the scarf you were wearing! Great earth tones and a twisted stitch like design!


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