Friday, January 6, 2012

Spring Is Coming!

I've been extremely busy getting paintings ready for the Show this spring. 
I've been mainly focusing on tree paintings for the show. 
And it's been really fun. 
I'm excited for the show, but nervous to ship 20 paintings across the country.
If only I could drive out there, but my car is still sitting out on the street.
Still broken.
But these paintings all kind of have to do with spring. 
I think spring is coming.. or at least I hope it is. 
We didn't get much of a winter, and you won't hear me complaining.
The middle painting of the aspens in the night came to me in a dream!
I woke up in the morning, and quickly wrote down the idea. 
The other two are like most paintings.. they just happen.
But, that's kind of how I like it. 

The originals will be in the shop, but only until February 20.
Then they will be taken down, boxed up and shipped to Georgia.
I will still have prints and necklaces of these though.

Which reminds me, I have A LOT of photographing to do today.
I've got about 25 necklaces to show you!


  1. How exciting. Good luck with that. I know how it is to be without a car. I sold my thirty year old truck and I've been hoofing it ever since. The paintings are lovely. Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I've been getting rides for almost a month now.. trying to save up to get my car fixed!

  3. I love these! I think the one with the trail through the woods is my favorite.
    I've been in a very springy mood as well. We haven't even had snow yet, and the weather is taunting me even though we won't have green or flowers for a few months. It kind of makes me wonder when the other shoe is going to drop though.

  4. Thanks Mckella! Yes.. I really hope it doesn't snow at all!

  5. These look gorgeous! I especially like the painting in the middle. I was going to ask where the show will be at because I live in GA, well I got the answer when I checked out your website! Maybe I can make a trip to see it!

    I also read your bio, and wow, very inspiring! I'm also an art student about to graduate and have always wondered what would happen if I dropped out (I've contemplated this many times). I love hearing about other artists' journeys.

    My dream is very similar to your dream. May we both reach it!

  6. GOOD LUCK, GIRL!!! Also, these are all so beautiful. And... You won't hear me complaining about our lack of Winter either!

  7. Hannah Hannah Hannah!! If you make it out to the show... please take some pictures for me?! I want to go so bad, but I doubt I'll be able to..

  8. Angie! As a fellow Utah dweller.. I'm sure we are both sooo excited. I could get used to this sort of winter!

  9. I surely will do that if I can make it, dear! May I ask when the show is? I can't seem to find where you may have mentioned it before.

  10. Oh yay! It will be at the defoor centre from March first until May first. :)

  11. These are beautiful!

  12. The middle one reminds me of a scene in the novel I'm writing. It's funny how these images come to us in dreams. A lot of the writing I do starts from a single moment or 'still' in a dream. You're so talented to be able to interpret them in this way!

    Good luck for the show!

  13. I love that last cherry-tree-like painting! Gorgeous contrast of the dusky rose versus monochromatic backround!

  14. I love the Aspen painting. When will it be available as a print? I would love to get one for my room.

  15. Thanks so much!!
    Anonymous- The prints will be available hopefully by Monday! Thanks so much!

  16. Hi! I'm from Singapore! I think your paintings are gorgeous! Keep the creative juices flowing!:)

  17. Oh my, I really like these paintings. You are very talented. :)
    The second one reminds me of the norwegian birch woods, and the third one makes me think of the cherry tree in my garden. It always blooms in may, my favourite month of spring.


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