Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Little Bit Of Christmas

This Christmas was celebrated 4 times.
I was about Christmased out by the end of the day.
We celebrated Christmas with Brad's Dad's house on Christmas eve.
Where I watched this darling little boy be the cutest thing in the world.
Every time he did something cute, (always) I would whisper to Brad,
"I want one!!" 
This is Edric, Brad's nephew.

Later that night, I received a beautiful package from my friend
Mindy of Tim's Sally and Understory Essence.
It was full of beautiful goodies, and little things to be used as art supplies.
I cried when I opened it.
Mindy just opened another shop for lip balms and perfumes and all sorts of tasty things.
I'm so proud of her for trying such a new and different journey.
She is a brave, beautiful woman, and such a role model for me.

On Christmas Day, I was woken up at 7:15 by a sore throat and a stuffy nose.
I thought I had gotten rid of it all, but indeed I had not. It came back full force.
I wanted to sleep more, but there was a Bradley voice that said,
"But... it's Christmas!"
So, I got up.
Brad and I had our own Christmas together.
I didn't take a single picture because of how sick I felt.
But I'll tell you it was magical.

We took turns opening presents.
Brad would open one,
then I would open one for Wicket and Charlie,
then I would open one.

Later we headed to Brad's Mom's house and opened presents there.
Once again, I was feeling a bit too sick to take photos.
I did however capture this one of Wicket.
He is a silly guy who just loves to be comfortable.
He would rather lay in front of the heater than play tug of war.
So, instead of buying him a bunch of toys, I bought him a few toys, plus this bed.
I can put it in the middle of the floor, and he will just sit in it, or lay in it all day.
If I put it in front of the heater.. I have one happy dog.
Then we headed to my family's house for Christmas.
We opened presents, I scored some gift cards which helped go to a new vacuum (You can't have a corgi and not have a working vacuum...), art supplies,
hand made knitting needles and some clothes.
I also ate a lot of food.
Money has been tight lately,
and most of the cheap food all contains gluten.. (ramen.. mmmm)
so it was nice to have a filling meal that won't give me a headache for 2 days.
I had a very merry Christmas with my family, my boyfriend, his family, 
and of course my little stinky Christmas puppies.


  1. That looks like a great holiday! Sorry you weren't feeling well. Feel better soon!

  2. It sounds like you had a delightful holiday Rachael!! But I am so very sorry that you were sick!! I hope you are feeling better now dear!! xoxo

  3. Thanks Nichole and Megan! I am feeling a bit better today! I've been sleeping lots, and drinking lots of tea! :)

  4. Awww your puppies are so cute!! Every time I look at your posts I try to tell my hubby that we NEED to get one...then my cat glares at me from across the room. He is not fond of the idea, i suppose. lol


  5. Ha cute! My kitty Tas didn't like the idea of getting a puppy either.. He hated Mowgli!

  6. The pictures of my son are just PRECIOUS! And that picture at the bottom of the pups is TOO adorable. The heads tilted, they're like "Merry Christmas, Peoplez!" :-)

  7. ...money has been tight for us too love, which is why i never bought Alex one of your awesome hats. I'm glad you got supplies, ate good food, and spent quality time with family... Love to you and Brad and the doggies :) LL

  8. I'm sorry money has been tight for you too! Money is a tricky thing.. I want more of it, and it stresses me out.. but I also despise it so much! But there are always ups and downs.. right now is for sure a down.. but I'm counting on things to be up again!

  9. loves and hugs to you sweet friend. i love the hounds. they are so precious. happy new year love.


  10. Thanks so much Mindy! Happy New Year to you!


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