Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snow Fairies

You know how I complained about Utah winter's?
Well, I guess I was wrong about this year.
This year we haven't had over an inch.
I'm secretly liking it, but also hoping for a bit of snow.
Just for tomorrow.
Then I would like spring!
Maybe I could ask these little Snow Fairies to grant my winter wishes.

I've been working on them little by little for a week now.
I'm proud to say they are finally finished, and I'm jealous of their pretty dresses.

I'll be adding them and prints to the shop after Christmas.
If you are interested in having one of these darling girls for yourself,
send me an email!

Merry Christmas!


  1. They are beautiful! I hope you get a little bit of white Christmas, not a hint here either!

  2. Beautiful, wide-eyed and wonderful!

  3. So lovely! I'm loving the blue! So magical and chilly! <3

  4. They are beautiful. You're such a talented artist. Merry Christmas!!!

    <3 Jenn

  5. Beautiful! I like so much!
    Merry Christmas
    Miss Petula Pie

  6. Nothin' here in West Jordan, snow wise. :( Also, I love your girls, they are gorgeous!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  7. It was 48 degrees here in south central PA today, no snow in sight, and thank goodness! I went out in just a short sleeved sweater & was perfectly comfy.
    Love your snow faes, they're cute!


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