Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Party Planning

Ever wish you could go to a classy party?
You know?
Wear a sparkly dress, and sip from a wine glass?
Well, I have.

And this year, I'm going to make it happen.

I've been planning this party since Thanksgiving!
Life has been hectic, but I still plan on making this happen.

I plan on sparkly lights, glitter and delicious food.
I wish you could all come!

Here is what I'm planning so far:

 Thank goodness for Pinterest! 

The last outfit is my favorite so far..
Since it matches the party colors perfectly!

I've never planned a party before, 
and I only have 4 days left!!

Follow along my planning on Pinterest And Polyvore!


  1. Yay! I think grown up parties are the best. Fanciness is fun!

  2. Aww I bet it is going to be so much fun!! Can't wait to see pictures...I've been thinking about joining Pinterest. But says I need to be invited? I didn't know that... =P

    I like the last one the best too! That color blue is the color I used at our wedding =)

  3. I wanna have a party like this for my 36th birthday and call it my Dirty Thirty-Sixer Mixer :-)

  4. I love the outfits! So pretty! I know what you mean about wanting to go to a fancy party. I never had much of an excuse for one until my 22nd birthday when my friends and I threw a zombie fancy dress party. We dressed to the 9's and then did zombie makeup. It was a fancy party, just with zombie girls!

  5. This looks so fun! I've always wanted to do a big flashy party for new years! Or at least GO somewhere. I always end up hanging out with my family (I once even hung out with my grandma because my whole family was off at different parties and no one invited me). I was hoping to go to SLC "Eve" party, but it looks like I'll be probably spending this new years with my in-laws...

    Someday... Someday... haha!
    Have fun!

  6. i was wondering what you were doing.. your pinterest is going crazy with sparkly dresses. [: have a good one!


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  8. The second outfit is best in my thought.It is very attractive and better for eve parties.

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