Friday, December 9, 2011

A Horror Story

We pulled up to the house, and mentally prepared to go in.
We came to pick up a few things...
The lights were off, and the house was dark. 
It looked still and almost peaceful... 
on the outside..

We didn't know what to expect.
We were hit with the smell of old water and dirty stale carpets.
Loud vents were causing everything to shake.
The blinds and curtains were shaking violently,
making all sorts of terrifying sounds.
The blinds shook, making the house light up for seconds at a time.

We had to yell to each other because of all the loud fans and vents.
Big tubes and cords laced the house. 
We used out cell phones as flashlights, we were careful not to trip.

The bedroom was the worst. 
All my belongings covered in muddy water.
My precious things knocked over and crunched to bits.
Plastic covered the windows, the house had been quarantined. 
The bathroom had more personal belongings in the shower, and more plastic on the windows.
Our shoes crunched Christmas ornaments into the dirty and wet carpets in the living room,
but at this point...
we barely noticed.

We found an old grocery bag and started filling it with provisions.
We grabbed running shoes, fashion doesn't matter at a time like this.
We grabbed water bottles, because we need to stay hydrated.
We grabbed my vitamins, because I was starting to feel weak. 
Brad and I met throughout the chaos,
gave each other a very epic kiss, and yelled to each other 
"We are gonna make it!"

Then we left.

We must have silently agreed at one point that we would be pretending to be in a horror movie.
We must have somehow had a collective conscious to act dramatic, and desperate.
We must have agreed mentally, that this would be a game.

That's when I started to laugh.
How long does it take a disaster like this to become fun?
One day.

I need to go back for a few more things again today.
Like a sequel.


  1. my word, you two are amazing. i would have cried.

  2. You are such a strong person. I definitely would have been crying my eyes out. I'm so glad you two have each other and the puppies are okay!!

  3. You win Rachael! <3
    :) A miracle of Nature!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about all of this! take it step by step...

  5. Thanks guys! I'm doing a lot better now.. Now I'm just trying to turn it into a bit of fun. :)

  6. Well that's a really good mindset to have. Glad you're coping as best as could be hoped for in such a terrible situation.

  7. As horrible as this situation is, your and Brad's kiss was adorable. One day, you'll be sharing that story with your grandkids. Or if you don't want kids, your family and friends. You two are being so remarkably strong and inspirational through all this and that is what really counts. It WILL get better. It WILL ease up. Everything WILL be fine. /hug

  8. oh my~! you are so strong and positive! <3
    if this happened to me, i think i'm going to curse like a madness!

  9. Oh my gosh! how awful!!! I wish there were something I could do. And what awful timing.. right before christmas! I hope things clear up swiftly!

    your newest follower. JeNeal
    I found you via violetbella. Love your blog and your way with words Excited to be a part of it!

  10. I am so sorry this situation hit you at such a horrible time. You are so strong, to be making it into a fun game. Making the best of a shitty situation is important for your mental health, but I can tell you for sure I would have been sobbing.

    Keep on being strong, and I hope things start looking up for you soon. <3

  11. so glad it is easier. staying tuned for the sequel!!


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