Sunday, December 11, 2011

Since The Last Time We Talked..

I'm currently blogging from my phone. So i kind of feel like I am texting you. It's been a fun and crazy week.
I've got just about all the orders finished.
And tomorrow I head off to California! I've was planning on having some posts automated, but I haven't had any Internet since the catastrophe... So I haven't got anything!
I do have a giveaway planned.. So be ready for that! I'll try to post from my phone, I think it will be fun, because it really is like texting a friend. :)
Here are a few pictures from this last week. I have no idea what the quality will be.. But here they are.. Showing what my week was like a bit.
My car started, but started smoking an awful lot!
Brad brought me a cupcake as he picked me up the other day.
I died all of my hair pink!! It's a dark dark pink, but I like it a lot.
And of course.. Little wicket snuggling up by the heater. :)


  1. Yay for getting the orders out! Have fun in California!

  2. So glad you have something fun to look forward to after a horrible week. Hopefully thing will start looking up! Happy holidays.

  3. Where can I get me a boyfriend like Brad?! :P You've got a keeper there Rachael! x

  4. Glad to fine you smiling again Rachael! Have Fun in California... Your Soulmate is always so sweet!!! Take care of you!!!

  5. How sweet!! I love the little drawing on the box! I hope you have a wonderful week + a lovely vacation!!! xooxox

  6. Wow, how many emotions a little box can evoke. Every year, My family travels up to my grandma's house to make almond rocca, and we package them in little boxes like that. Seeing that box brought back so many wonderful memories. Have a great time in Disneyland!


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