Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hey everyone! 
A while back I mentioned my "other job." 
I'm currently a designer for a custom engraved stone company,
as well as pre-designed  semi-precious gemstones.
Well, the website just launched, and I wanted to share at least one of the products with you.
We may hold a giveaway here in the future,
but since it's very separate from my blog and my shops, 
that's pretty iffy.

But I just wanted to share this one piece with you.
This bliss stone is on Grey Aventurine, and it's beautiful.

It's my favorite for many reasons.
The big ones are,
1. I helped design it.
2. I love "Bliss"

Bliss reminds me of my two favorite sayings.
Follow Your Bliss
This is what I strive for every single day. I want to do what I love, because I love it.
That makes me happy, and it makes me feel even more Bliss. It's not just following your heart, it's following your soul's intent, what makes you happy, and what makes you YOU!

My other favorite saying,
Ignorance Is Bliss
It truly is. There are certain things I just won't do. Certain shows I just won't watch. Blogs, and facebook pages I just won't go to. Because if I do, I'm unhappy. Ignoring the things that bother you for no reason, is a healthy thing. Of course ignoring all things that bother you isn't good...
But choosing to ignore the petty things, or the little things just cause you pain, really does equal bliss.

I'm not trying to sell things to you.
I really just wanted to share this necklace and it's special meaning with you.
If you are interested in getting one for yourself, it is on sale!
Check it out here.


  1. Ooooh, Rachael! This is a beautiful necklace. I really love stones as jewelry. And Bliss - such a sweet word.

    I'll definitely be checking out the store!

  2. That is so pretty! I'm going to have to check out that site once my cash starts flowing again! lol

  3. Thanks Angie and Allison! Yeah.. too bad all things cost money eh? But I'm so glad you guys like it!!

  4. "Ignorance Is Bliss"
    I always loved this saying... so much!
    I read it years ago in a beautiful but sad poem of a guy. His poem hangs on the wall of my bedroom... You know, "Bliss" is my favorite word in english... I love its sound, and the meanining...
    I love this bliss stone so much and many congratulations for your new activity! You're such an artist!!!!! <3

  5. Chiara! I LOVE that word too. It's so beautiful! That makes me so happy that it's your favorite word!


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