Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have I Mentioned?

It's nearly Christmas! 
It honestly snuck up on me.
And I don't like that.
Not one bit!!

This month has been too crazy for words, 
It barely feels like Christmas.
It hasn't even snowed much! 

But, it's true.
I'm glad I got my shopping done early.
I'm glad we got the tree back up.
I'm glad none of the presents were ruined in the flood.
I'm glad my cold is getting better.

I looked at the calender, and decided..
it was high time for some Christmasy pictures! 
 Our presents aren't huge.. we actually have a teeny little tree!
 Psst.. this little guy is for me! From Bradley! 
I wonder what it could be.. hopefully a shiny penny. (Winkey Face)

Please join me here tomorrow!
I'll be adding loads of Christmasy Disneyland photos!
But for now.. here is a sneak peek.

 I was the happiest girl in Disneyland!


  1. I love your little tree! It's so cute. At first, I did think you had huge presents. lol It doesn't feel like Christmas here, either. I'm in Florida, so the closest thing I get to a white Christmas is the beach, but even so, it doesn't feel like Christmas. I've misplaced both my holly and my jolly.

  2. Allison, as sad as it is, I'm glad I'm not the only one! It was just so hard to get in the holiday spirit this year!

  3. Thanks for not getting me, sitting on the couch in my robe, with no makeup on, with a naked cat on my lap. (: You'd probably lose some followers if THAT would have showed up on your blog (;

  4. Haha Destineeeee there weren't any pictures of me either. I wasn't looking very Christmassy either. ;)

  5. How lovely!!!
    And I must say, your presents look giant next to your tiny ((adorable)) tree!! :)
    It looks like you two had a wonderful time at Disneyland!!
    Have a wonderful day dear!!

  6. Thanks Megan!! I'll be posting even more photos of Disneyland tomorrow! I can't wait!!

  7. i have a tiny tree too! it make it look like you went ALL OUT on gifts.. when maybe you just have three or four. [:


  8. Ha totally Eva! We HAD to get a tiny tree.. our apartment is just soo little!

  9. Brads talespin shirt is basically awesome... i love the tree, we just have a teeny one too, but it works! Looking foreword to the disneyland photos, i have yet to put ours up from october! Maybe that will have to happen after Christmas...

  10. Ah, I just love Disneyland at Christmas time!! :) And pretty tree, we have the same star on top of ours :)

  11. Yes!! It was the cheapest star we could find, but i love it!

  12. That Stormtrooper photo is soooo good, lol! Btw, we don't even have a tree, we have cats ;-) Hope you have a wonderful christmas!

  13. I'm so glad to see you smiling in the way Rachael! I had so many things to do that now I'm so happy to spend a little time on my favorite blog, and I'm so happy about what I found :)
    It's feels barely Christmas to me too and I know it will be like that until tomorrow...
    But 5 minutes before the celebration everything turns magical! Have a nice day and a nice eve of Christmas-eve! :)

  14. Yvonne! Thanks so much! I actually have a bunch more Stormtrooper photos! I was SO excited!
    I was afraid to get a tree this year because of Destinee's cat, but he's been really good with it!

    Chiara! I'm so glad to see you around my blog again! I've missed you and your sweet words!


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