Friday, November 11, 2011

You Probably Didn't Know..

This week went by pretty fast..
(In retrospect)
If you would have asked me yesterday,
I would have said this week was dragging on.

A few of the little things that happened this last week,
that I bet you didn't know about,
You probably don't care cause it's all pretty random..
but I think it's the small moments like these that build up a great story.
I have the sweetest boyfriend who brings me the expensive gluten free cupcakes
and writes me little love letters.
I've got some silly puppies who love to play in nature.
Charlie has a loud big man-dog bark.
It scares Wicket.
I make really silly faces.
Like when I try to lift Charlie..
Wicket's got silly faces too..
We both have silly faces when we show our concern to Charlie, as Wicket gets kicked in the belly.
I love to crunch the leaves.
It was red ribbon week at the local elementary school. 
Though the ribbons are plastic, I still think the trees looked purty.
Downtown is looking very fally!
After a real bad day, it was nice to come home to a clean house, roses and bacon.
I have two theories, 
I'm either dating the sweetest boy in the world...
He is trying to fatten me up for dinner.
This is me, after my dag day was turned around.
My bad day turn around plan:
Art supply store (I bought new paint!)
A loving and thoughtful boyfriend
Playing with the puppies (see all the fur on my shirt?!)
 This is Wicket and I going to the vet at 7:30 am.
The time we are normally snuggled up in bed snoozing. 
We were both very tired, and very cold.
Wicket's surgery went well,
though he has lost a bit of his spunk due to pain and his meds.
I bought him a new blankie, and a snuggly squirrel toy named Jonathon.

Thank you for all your warm wishes of good luck and saftey for Wicket.
He did just fine, and was very happy to see me when I went to pick him up from the vet.

I've also got a few new paintings to show you, but that will come a bit later.
This weekend will be dedicated to making even more art.


  1. I'm glad your day got better! It's been one of those weeks. My new job has been a little (haha lot) stressful, my grad school paper work is due Monday, and it was a full moon (I work at a mental health clinic, so that matters). I am so happy this week is finished. I can't wait to get a nice pot of Earl Grey and do some watercolor painting.

    Poor Wicket. I hope he starts feeling better soon. I hate having to take my cat to the vet. She's so pitiful when she goes. She just pushes up against my stomach and shakes. It's heart breaking. The new blanket and Jonathan should make him feel better.

  2. Alloson!! I've heard about the full moon thing. My exes mom worked at a hospital and she said full moons were stressful. Everything something weird happens at my house, like if Charlie acts out, I always wonder when the full moon is.

  3. I'm glad Wicket's doing ok! Mouth surgery sucks big time.
    I think Brad is totally fattening you up for dinner. I think roses are edible to, aren't they?

  4. full moons effect elementary schoolers too, just a fun fact. :D this week was INSANE!
    i am irrationally excited that you love buying new paint as much as i do.

  5. Poor Wicket! Hope he's feeling better! As much as I hate taking Ace to the vet, I do like how cuddly he is afterwards. I liked your bad day turn around plan! I've got one I'm working on for today, I may just have to include Starbucks... Mmmm I can already taste the salted caramel apple spice...

  6. Oooh! I think i've heard that the full moon effects elementary schools too. I'm pretty sure it effects everyone, at least in some way.:) I like that. and oh my!! Buying new paint is so wonderful.. especially when you get it on sale! I think I FLEW home when I bought it. It had been ages.... ha

  7. affect? effect? change the behavior of? [:

  8. Oooo! Salted caramel apple spice?! That sounds delicious Brooke! I love the salted caramel anything.. they really need more starbucks in Utah..

  9. Haha I'm not sure either Eva! Apparently WE didn't go to elementary school... ;)

  10. Glad Wicket is feeling better! I brought my cat to the vet to get spayed wednesday and the vet was so hardcore. He was like "Just so you know, some animals don't wake up from anesthesia". I knew that but him reminding me scared the crap out of me. Luckily, she's home now and is just super sleepy :)


  11. So glad your week got better!! I'm glad you have such a sweet boyfriend. It makes those rough, long weeks easier. And I'm really glad cute little Wicket made it through surgery okay. Sending lots of hugs his way for a speedy recovery....and some for Charlie too, because you can't just snuggle one fur baby and not the other ;)

  12. Rachael, I'm so happy the surgery of your little Wicket went well... a few minutes ago I was I got a fright!!! My elder puppy probably had something stuck between his teeth and he was scratching his mouth like hell... I thought he would take his mouth out of his face!!! Tomorrow I'll go to the vet to see if he needs to remove the old teeth but I'm so scared about surgery... He is so old!!!
    But, your post has turned me in a good mood again... It's full of pretty things!
    Your Boyfriend looks so sweet! I love to see such kind of love in the World or pictures of the "everyday" beauty of the Earth... And I love the pictures with your funny faces! <3
    Still a big little hug to your puppy Wicket!

  13. I'm so glad Wicket's doing good!!! YAY Wicket!!! Big hugs from our family to little Wick.

    Also, I am glad your bad day turned into a good one! Also, flowers and bacon! EPIC. :D

  14. Posts such as these are what I love most.

    - s

  15. Sweet things....bless little Wicket, glad he is ok.

  16. brad is so sweet to you! aww, you deserve it.

    i love that pic of charlie scaring wicket!!!

    and the look on charlie's face when you're lifting him! bahahahahahaaaa

    mmmm bacon

    i'm glad wicket is doing ok. hope he gets some spunk back soon!

  17. and yes, i agree the full moon affects us all! here there are a lot more cops around during the full moon- everyone drives crazy! and guests in my restaurant are a lot more aggressive. and i'm more active and outspoken!


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