Friday, November 11, 2011

She Is A Tree

She puts down roots,
But, reaches up high.
She eats the sun.
and drinks the rain,
Her lips are the dew, 
Her lashes the leaves.
She plays in the wind,
and dances in the shade.
She is a tree.
16x20 mixed media on Canvas.
Original and prints now available in the shop.


  1. Wow! Rachael, this is wonderful and I love the little poem at the beginning!!!
    I love that "She"! I never though about a Tree like a female living beautiful creature... :)

  2. I hope you know you have me wanting to paint using fabric. I've actually got the pieces cut out for a red cape and a fox for a piece I'm working on. I'll link you to it when I'm done.

  3. Painting on fabric is the BEST! Instant layering, implied texture, you take notice of the transitions of color in a different way...

    Very beautiful. :)

  4. So pretty!! I love it! The little poem and the beginning is so sweet! Very nice!

  5. Beautiful...the poem and the


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