Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Threads- I'm Not A Tourist

Happy Thursday! 
I'm excited it's almost the weekend. 
The weekend normally means I'm in the workshop painting.
While watching old nickelodeon TV shows, or Ghosthunters.

This week's outfit is more layers.
It's layering season isn't it??

I love to wear big baggy shirts with a smaller cardigan over it. 
I've always loved that.
So, I paired a big baggy tank top with a tight sweater,
and put that over a small pair of shorts and tights.
It's much to cold to not wear tights.

I always feel silly taking photos out in public.
That's why most of my pictures are taken in my woodsy backyard.
But, I wanted a change of scenery.
I felt like a tourist in my own city.

Lace Shirt- Unknown
Oxford Boots-Sweet Beauty


  1. I love the outfit :)

  2. You look always in the right outfit!!! Amazing! :)

  3. But...wait... It's still that hot??!! °o°

  4. I unknown a store...? Or do you just not know where you got them? Love it anyway! <3

  5. I totally forgot where I got this shirt.. The tag is gone, so I'm figuring it was a thrift store find. :)

  6. Hey Rache!

    You look absolutely adorable in the pictures, no wonder why you have such a cute boyfriend (:

    It's obvious that you are quite happy, your eyes are smiling! keep it up ((: -Remember, happiness it a choice! ;)


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