Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh Boy...

This weekend was nuts.
I didn't get to post on this blog at all! 
Though, I had planned on it.

Friday, I hurried and hurried and got orders out.
Saturday Brad and I went for a long adventure.
Sunday I worked on some paintings.

But it's the little things that happened in between that made it so nuts.
First of all, 
We saw little itty bitty bugs crawling around on the animals.
I was confused and terrified.
We don't get fleas in Utah! 

But after putting a flea collar on Wicket,
and watching a little bug hop off his body and accross the bed.. 
It was confirmed.

So, tomorrow I will be cleaning the whole house.
Doing loads and loads of laundry.
Giving lots of doggy baths.
Brushing lots of fur. 
And possibly,
going crazy.

Wicket must have picked them up from the vet's office last week. 
Upsetting... but I guess it was either that or kennel cough. 

Also, another great thing that happened...
My computer's calender has emptied itself.
I've lost all names for the weekly giveaways.
So, if you are scheduled for a giveaway in the next month or so,
please let me know.

I was up nearly all night dreading all the cleaning I will have to do.
Under the bed, my yarn storage...
all my clothes,
the couches, everything.
And so here I am...
with very little sleep,
ready to face the day.

Trying to be positive.


  1. Aw!! I'm so sorry!! :( that is no fun at all! I hope you get it taken care of soon!

  2. Thanks Gentri! I plan on it... tomorrow will be a FULL day!

  3. Be thankful it's fleas and not bedbugs... Last year, my friend's entire apartment building got infested with bedbugs. She moved, and had to throw out just about everything she owned in the process.... It was sad :( Good luck to you in your cleaning, and just keep in mind it could be worse! <3

  4. Ugh.. fleas.. hope you get rid of them all soon.

  5. I'm SO glad it's not bedbugs! So far we've only seen about 5 or six fleas and a few eggs. They shouldn't live long here in Utah anyways, so I will do my best to get rid of them all soon!

  6. Yikes! I had fleas two years ago. It was rough. I had to vacuum like crazy. One of the best things I did was to put a candle in a glass dish in the middle of the floor. Put water in the pan. The fleas jump in, but they don't jump out! I also put a ton of baking soda in the carpet when I vacuumed. Best of luck!

  7. ALLISON! That's such a good idea! Thank you!!

  8. Oh no!! That's horrible!! My kitty picked them up from the vet before. I did the baking soda in the carpet thing...and baths....and flea spray. Not a fun time!! I felt so bad for him. I knew it had to be miserable. Hopefully, it won't take too long to be rid of them! Good luck!

  9. At least YOU don't have fleas. Yet... :) Good luck. Poor little critters.

  10. I know its terrible, but my parents dogs and cats always have fleas. There is just no way to get rid of them because they catch them off the Kangaroos (true story!) We try and manage them either with mint spray, or feeding them a lot of garlic :) Good luck getting rid of them!

  11. Oh no!!! When I was a little girl, my parents had a lot of pets and one dog got fleas and the fleas spread. :( I hope you can wipe 'em out! I never say that, because I love all living creatures, but I also know how troublesome they can be. :(


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