Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Threads- Complimentary

First of all, I want to give a big thank you to all those who commented on yesterday's blog post.
Sometimes I forget people even read this blog.
So, when I put something out there that has a lot of heart behind it.. even the sadder posts
and I get such a wonderful and heartwarming response,
I'm very surprised. 

So, thank you so much. 
You all gave such wonderful advice too. 
I'm always blown away by the kindness of "strangers."
Though, many of you don't seem like strangers at all.
Is that strange?

Anyways..  It's Thursday, and it's a bit cold outside.
I've been wearing lots of layers lately, and I love it.
Leggings, long socks, vests and cardigans.. all piled on top of each other. 
It's one of my favorite looks.

I also love the combination of the burgundy and forest green.
Subtle complimentary colors are always one of my first picks.
I wouldn't really want to combine bright green and bright red, 
but the darker colors combined make a beautiful combination. 
 This dress has an empire waist, but I've found that buttoning the vest elongates the entire look.

Forest Green Dress - Forever 21
Burgundy Knit Vest- Thrifted 
Leggings - Forever 21
Cream Cardigan - Charlotte Russe
Taupe Oxford Shoes- Sweet Beauty 
Corduroy Floral Bag- Target 


  1. Nice look, it is definitely layering weather here also.

  2. Everything fits wonderfully on you! Love this layer-style... Is one of my favorite styles too! If only I could put on whatever I want! :) Very cute! Have a nice day!

  3. Thanks so much guys! The shoes are my very favorite.. I wear them too much!
    Thanks again for your sweet comments!

  4. Adorable outfit! I'm still loving your pink hair!

  5. No, it's not strange that some of us don't seem like strangers to you, you don't seem much like a stranger to me, even though I have only commented a handfull of times.
    And Ialso love the layering look, but we are having a heat wave here. D: Oh well, it is never truely winter hre. (I wasn't alive the last time it snowed here) So enjoy the cold weather for me (and anyone else in my situation)!

  6. Layers rule!! I love to layer as well. I'm obsessed with cardigans. Lol!! I like how you paired the vest over your dress. Very stylish. I'm going to try that!!


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