Monday, October 10, 2011

Looking Forward

 Life comes in waves. 
Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

This week didn't get off to a very good start.

It all started at the gas station this morning..
You see, I am a pretty skinny girl, pants rarely fit me, even with a belt. 
I just don't have a butt to keep pants up. 
Especially with this gluten free "diet" I'm on.
The weight doesn't stay on. 
So, getting out of my car today resulted in an embarrassing moment showing most of my butt.
I laugh about it now, but my face was very red, I'm sure.
Mostly because I KNOW a few people saw, and it caused some raised eyebrows.

This doesn't exactly constitute for a "Bad Day" 
But with all else going on.. 
extremely painful cramps, 
emails regarding money, debt and bills..
It was just the cherry on top.

So, here I sit.. thinking about the rotten start to a day, 
wondering if I need to find a new gas station to go to.
When I remembered, I'm looking back on these things way too much.
Life has a way of working things out, so it's best to turn my thoughts forward.

Never look back
unless you are planning to go that way.
Henry David Thoreau

Looking forward to today: 
Going home to see my puppies. 
Knitting up a monkey hat or two.
Working on orders. 
Seeing Brad

Looking forward to tomorrow:
A big post office run.
A possible double date. 
Hoping to get a call about a photography job.
Looking forward to next week:
The Halloween Carnival.
Carving Pumpkins.
Sewing Halloween Costumes!

Looking forward to next year:
An art show in Georgia.
A possible trip to North Carolina.
Hopefully having all debt paid off.

A very random gargoyle Brad and I found a few weeks ago.
He made me very excited for Halloween! 


  1. Haha! Aw! I think I'd rather go through that sort of thing every so often instead of having the large bottom that I may or may not have... Haha! I'm sorry you're stressed. Can I do anything for you?

  2. Haha Thanks soo much for offering Gentri! But I'm fine.. just venting a bit. Life is gooood. :) xoxo

  3. same thing happened to me..5th grade..while attempting the long jump in pe class. it was terrible. and then it happened again a year ago walking dowotown in iowa city on a windy day...lesson i took from these two experiences...never leave the house without adorable panties, never take myself to seriously, and embrace any and all marilyn monroe moments. ;-)

  4. Haha yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one.. and it's a good thing I am wearing cute undies today.. also, I never really take myself too seriously ;)

  5. The Thoreau quote and your "look forward" attitude was perfectly timed. I was having a hard day and that broke up the rain clouds. Thanks :)

  6. Awwww, I'm sorry your week hasn't started off that great, but like you said - those embarrassing moments are already in the past, you're in the present and your future is in your control!

  7. I've got the opposite problem. I'm quite plump, not very much but enough to be that... In summer here is very very hot and I can't stand those high temperatures that much so I'm accustomed to wear low-cut Tees or tank tops (not really sexy ahaha) but sometimes it happens that something goes "out" for a walk...
    Today I've got very painful cramps too and I've found very bad stuff in my mailbox. I overcame my bad mood cooking a great Apple-Strudel :)
    Cinnamom scent can change the whooole day!

  8. Ayah! Don't be sad! -hugs- And when you come to NC, drop by and see me! We can get coffee and visit Old Salem. :D

  9. I'm sorry. But it will pass, and people will forget, and you will start forgetting. Time heals all wounds (or something to that point...) :)
    I hope your day gets better (even though this post was from yesterday... oops a bit late)


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