Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Contest Entries Round 1

I'm super excited to show you the first round of entries for the Pumpkin Carving Contest! 
I hope to get even more entries!
I'll be carving my own pumpkin sometime in the next few weeks. 
I can't wait to show you all mine, and see more of yours! 
 Eef, or Erin of
Emily Connor and her Sister's pumpkins
 Spencer & Kylie's pumpkins.


  1. I have never carved a pumpkin. I feel like I've missed out on some fun haha

  2. Holy awesome! I was going to enter, but my pumpkin creativity goes about as far as the standard triangle eyes, nose, and toothy grin.

  3. oooh, what fun! i love the tree one!!

  4. oh dear... maybe I shouldn't enter. haha! I'd be lucky if I was able to get a normal jack-o-lantern out of my pumpkins... :/

  5. Oh! and we sure missed you at the party Friday! We'll have to do another get together soon so you can come!

  6. yihoo! that was fun. thanks girl

  7. ahhh! i better get on this pumpkin carving task! some of these are amazing!


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