Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Threads- Going For A Stroll

These are kind of older outfit pictures...
You can tell by the lack of pink hair.

But, I had to post this outfit because,
A) I like it.
B) It's been sitting on my desktop for a week or so. 

Cream Blouse- Forever 21
Knit Pencil Skirt- Charlotte Russe
Charcoal Heels- Target
Moonstone Ring- Eire Crescent 
Black Bowler Hat- Forever 21


  1. Kind of love it. I dig your style and the fact that you look super cute to take the dogs for a walk. I usually wear sweats lol.

  2. Love the "going for a stroll" pictures!! You are adorable, as well as the doggies.

  3. Thanks so much! Yeah, I never leave the house in sweats.. the only times I do.. is if I've been painting, but I make sure Brad tells everyone that I've been painting. :)
    Thanks so much JRudd! :)


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