Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Etsy Finds

Some great Etsy finds I wanted to share with you.
Darling note cards from Moonbeamwishes.
I love all the cute images and happy thoughts these note cards have.
And some lovely goodies from Autumn Balm Botanicals.
This stuff I won in a giveaway. 
I've never won a giveaway before! 
I was especially excited because these are gluten free! 

Which is awesome.. 
Because yesterday Brad and I went on a date.
I was brave and tried sushi.
Not even thinking about it, Brad and I shared a Vegas Roll.
I totally didn't think about the fact that it was deep fried,
and in order to be deep fried...
It would have to be breaded.
So yes.. I have been sick all day today.


  1. Ohhh myyyyy goodness!!! Everything looks so great!!! Thanks for blogging about our giveaway items, I'm honored :) :) :) <333

  2. I am so sorry about you getting sick Rachel!!!
    I hope you are feeling better now!!!
    I am tickled pink that you loved the mini cards!! Have a beautiful day hon!!

  3. That is awesome! You're gluten sensitive, too? I feel your pain! I've been gluten free for a year now this weekend!

  4. I always only get the Veggie Rolls. So long as you avoid anything with Tempura, you should be okay. Shashimi is a safe bet too. And if you get the California Roll, try and find out what kind of cream cheese they use. You never know! Miso soup: Some pastes have gluten in them, so find out if they make it from scratch or use a soybean paste.

    (I'm catching up on your blogs. :] )


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