Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Long Ago

Well, it wasn't too long ago. 
We went to the salt flats again and then to Wendover.
I finally got around to editing and posting pictures.
I've been very scatter brained lately it seems...
We managed to take silly jumping photos.
I added to my collection.
We watched the sunset.
Then drove to Wendover.

BUT.. on the way we saw something quite spectacular.
Please hold..
More photo editing to do.


  1. woowww! what a wonderful pictures! the jumping pictures are so awsome :) with sunset behind and a lot of energy!
    Have a great day! ^____^

  2. magical! i especially love the one of you standing there looking to the side. and the jumping ones!!!! so much fun and pretty colors!

  3. Thanks guys! The jumping pictures took LOTS of practice and lots of weird photos before I found at least three that I liked. :)


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