Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Trouble

My boys have a terrible tendency to kill their toys.
They tear the stuffing right out, 
and leave the guts all over the floor.
It looks a bit like it snowed in the house sometimes...
But it's just stuffed animal guts.

I think Charlie is the one who started it, and taught Wicket.
When we first adopted Charlie, he had no idea what to do with a toy.
He had never played with a stuffed animal!
Wicket used to always snuggle and lightly play with his toys. 

Now the two are in cahoots to kill all stuffed animals,
tear out their heart (the squeaker) and leave the guts (stuffing) strewn about the house.
Maybe my pups watch too much TV.


  1. Ugh mine do this too! So annoying... we take the stuffing out & my littlest pup carries the empty body around like a blankly. Dogs are funny!

  2. Yes.. it is annoying.. but still pretty cute. :)

  3. Wicket looks like he's saying to Charlie "Look what you did!"

  4. My pup does the same thing, it must be instinctual! They look soooo innocent.

  5. Oh my goodness, they just leave the bodies of the dead on the floor? Ruthless dogs haha

  6. Too cute though! I want a pup of my own so badly but it's just not a good time in my life :/ Someday soon though!


  7. haha I love the second photo!! :D my sister has a puppy that does the same to their toys!

    Have a great day!


  8. hehe!!!
    They are both just too cute!!

  9. Hilarious! My Pug Crockett always goes for the eyes. Once they're gone he starts on the tail. It looks like a stuffed animal autopsy by the time he's done. Love the photos....so adorable!


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