Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Be Like A Tree

Original Painting 16"x20"
8"x10" and 5"x7" Prints available.

Be Like A Tree

Soak up warm rays,
 Withstand life's storms,
Stay firm in all your days,
Stand tall with graceful forms.

Respect the Earth, your Mother.
 Be strong and be steady,
Provide shelter for another,
For all seasons, be ready.   

Plant your roots deep,
while reaching for the sky
Be kind to creatures who creep,
and kind to those who fly.

Make the world beautiful and bright,
for everyone to see.
Day and night,
Be like a tree.


  1. If I had a job, I'd pay you to paint me a 4'x5' picture! Been needing something to fill the off-white void above my bed...

  2. thats a beautiful painting! i love it

  3. Love. You did great on the texture! <3

    - s


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