Monday, September 12, 2011

Thinking Pink

It's fall here in Utah.. Sadly fall doesn't last long here.
The leaves don't change from green to yellow to red.
They go from green to brown, then it snows.
Outside of Utah, fall is my favorite time of year, and I've noticed something.
Around this time, I normally make a big change too...
and it normally has something to do with my hair.

I also got a new lens! 
I've been wanting this lens for a while now.
It's a EF 50mm f/1.4...
Some of those first pictures are a little weird.. 
I'm still teaching Brad how to use manual focus.
He is actually very good at being my photographer. 
(He is also very handsome huh?)
I love this lens. 
It makes everyday things, even more beautiful!


  1. Yay for new toys and spunky hair!

    i also LOVE those pot lights.
    maybe one day i'll make them and the mason jar lights and put them above my rustic farm table in my big house.
    ^^dream on, eva.. dream on.

  3. Thanks everyone! The pink was total impulse..
    Eva- Those lights are sooo super cool huh?! I would love to do them in my own house.. when I get a house, and IF. :)
    We are both dreamers.

  4. I love your hair! and the pictures look fantastic

  5. Great lens! the pictures are really cool! :) and your hair is awsome! ;D

  6. Thanks Emily and Kandy! I can't wait to play with the lens even more. :)

  7. don't be blind to the beauty all around you. utah's fall may not seem as wonderful as in other places but there are plenty of yellow leaves all ready and the weather is still mild and warm. there is beauty everywhere, you just have to always be looking and focus on the positive. love you rachael :) i like the color contrast in your hair.

  8. Thanks Kate. :) Don't worry, I'm not blind to the beauty around.. I'm just extra homesick this time of year.

  9. great pictures.. I love fall but it's still summer here..and i love the new hair! Pink suits you really nicely.

    (my blog:

  10. Your hair looks super cute! And your photographs are breathtaking- you captured such mundane things in such a beautiful way.

  11. Aw thanks so much! You are so sweet. :)

  12. I got the same lens a week and a half ago and I am LOVING it! Granted, it's currently my only lens so I have to love it, but I do eventually want to get another so I can have the ability to focus and do landscape pictures. Do you have any suggestions? I hope you are enjoying yours! Your pictures are always so beautiful. I aspire to have a knowledge base like yours for photography!

  13. I have 4 lenses now, the standard one it came it, a super macro, and a wide angle lens. The standard one that it came with is really good for all photos, that's what I used for about 2 years and I got some really great photos, using just that. :)

  14. haha of course there are pictures of trees ;)

  15. The leaves DO turn different colors- you just have to know where to look :) I drive the loop every year and see lots of gorgeous colors.

  16. i love so many things about this post. your eyes are such pretty sparkly colors! the tree pics are lovely- the neighborhood one reminds me of american beauty for some reason. where did you take the one of the cool lights and pots and pans? i love the one of the car vents- looks like a happy robot face!

  17. Thanks Bethany! I took that pots and pans photo at Bajio. That is brad's favorite restaurant ever, and sadly they are closing!
    AND the car vent DOES look like a robot. That's the first thing I ever noticed about Brad's car. And if you change the way the vents are, he can look mad too! I love it.


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