Thursday, September 15, 2011

As A Bird

Birds have always had special meaning to me.
I love finding feathers, I always take them as a good omen.
I love seeing groups of birds flying over head.
It gives me such a peaceful feeling.
I love when a bird swoops in front of my path and flies around me as I travel.
I feel that's good luck. 
I've always loved birds.

8x8 and 5x5 prints available too.
I love the crackled texture of the Owl's Tower.

8x8 and 5x5 available too
I also love the texture in this one! 
The texture here was created by a hairbrush!


  1. These are fantastic I love the layers and textures! I certianly understand why you feel peace with birds.

  2. You love birds because they can actually talk2trees! :D

    ok... I'm cracking a joke here... please laugh :|

    By the way,love the textures~ :)

  3. Hairbrush. Lovely <3

    - s

  4. Thanks so much! And I know... a hairbrush.. Super fun!

  5. I love these paintings! I collect feathers too, I keep them in a big bowl I made in high school. Destinee told me that if you find lots of feathers in a short period of time, an angel is following you. I've been finding TONS of feathers lately, so whether it means anything or not, it makes me feel good.

  6. Thanks Mckella! I think I was the one who told Destinee that part about the angels! I kept finding soooo many feathers, and then I read in a book that it means an angel has been visiting you. :)


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