Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Growing Up

(Lil Wicket as a 5 week old puppy)

My lil baby is growing up! 
I can't believe it. 

(Wicket the first day I brought him home.)

He is getting so big.
He has been loosing teeth.. and growing new ones. 
Yesterday he jumped on the couch by himself.
(Of course earlier that week we had an in depth lesson on: 
Jumping on the couch, The couch will no eat you,
And Digging at the couch will not get you up.) 
He listened! 
He jumped up, and I gave him some treats 
and shouted my praise, which scared him to where he almost fell off the couch.
(He LOVES Charlie.)

We all joked about how,
before I knew it he would be moving out and going to college. 
I fake cried.. but I was actually kind of really holding back tears. 

Cause I don't want to ever live without him, or Charlie.
Not that he would really go to college..
you know.

He still is such a pupp.
He still has squeaky yawns. 
Which I hope will never go away.
He still pees just a bit when he gets scared or excited.
Which I hope will go away.


  1. Haha, I remember the first time Bella was able to jump onto the couch! She still has to turn in a circle backward before she jumps, but I think that's the OCD in her... :)

  2. Little Wicket never fails to make me smile!

  3. Ha, they aren't THAT perfect Hollie.. They are quite crazy, but I love them just the same...
    And thanks Anonymous! He makes me smile too!!!

  4. Wicket reminds me of my Ellie when she was a puppy...What kind of pup is he?

  5. I am so loving that dog... the buggy eyes are alway in awwww

  6. oh my goodness- what breed is he?? i want one.

  7. So cute! Beautiful photos and words. I love those squeaky puppy yawns too!

  8. haha!!
    That toy in his mouth is as big as he is!!
    He is just adorable!!
    I want to cuddle with him!! :)

  9. Thanks so much for all your comments! Carrie- I think he is a chihuahua mix.. i'm not sure what he is mixed with! The person I got him from said he was full chihuahua.. but I don't think he is. (he is way too smart! No offense to chihuahuas..) ;)

  10. Oh Sorry Hannah! I didn't realize you asked the same question. :) But, yes.. he is a Chihuahua something. ha

  11. Charlie and Wicket are so sweet. They remind me a bit of my cats, especially in the first picture. Max is the nice cat with the big eyes and silly smile. Bingo is always the trouble maker; he loves to play around


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