Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bad Into Good

It's been very hard to get out of bed lately.
It's getting cold, and my bed is always a lot warmer than outside. 
It's especially difficult to get up when you have sore, scratchy throat
and other developing cold symptoms.
Massive amounts of Vitamin C and echinacea are not scaring this guy away.

Today started out as a pretty rotten day. 
This morning, after forcing myself out of bed,
I sat in the cold waiting for the pups to do their business, squinting since I didn't have my contacts in.
Shivering, with a sore throat, I called the dogs in and turned on the heater for them.
I went into the bathroom to see that both my contacts had been in the sink all night. 
The contact case had somehow fallen down and opened.
The lenses were wrinkled and shriveled up..  a tiny bit of life was brought back into them after teeth had been brushed.. and liquids had been put back on the contacts.
I was irate. This was my last set of contacts.
I put on my 6 year old pair of glasses, with a 6 year old prescription with the frames that hurt my ears and cause massive headaches...
and continued getting ready for the day.
After all this, I was running very very late.
"Perfect.. what a perfect day." I thought to myself.

I stopped to get something warm for my poor throat.
I got back in my car and held the warm cup, and I sat for a few seconds.
I had a moment of comfort. 

There are things that I can control, and my life is pretty wonderful.
I have a wonderful boyfriend, who after reading some of my facebook statuses,  
bought popcorn from the movie theater, then left and brought it to me.
Who also went to several stores looking for caramel apple cider for me. 
I have two wonderful puppy dogs who love to snuggle to keep me warm. 
I have a wonderful doggie angel who follows me around to keep my heart warm. 
(I swear he plays silly jokes on me too)
I may have to wait a few weeks before I can afford new contacts, 
but my boyfriend thinks I'm cute in glasses.. even if they give me headaches. 

And then the cold... I can't control that, but I can find remedies. 
After all, I do know how to knit, crochet and sew.

Here are a few of my latest knitting projects.
A knitted cowl/shawl/scarf/hood. (phew!)
I love this thing.
It's knitted with super soft and silky acrylic yarn.
It's knitted pretty loosely so it can fit over most people's shoulders.
I love the way this one curls.
Another knitted cowl/shawl/scarf/hood.
This one is longer, and doesn't stretch as much, but is sooo warm and comfy.
It also took about 8 hours to make.. 
Needless to say, there will only be one of these.
Once it's gone, it's gone.
A knitted messenger bag. 
This bag is knitted with a soft acrylic yarn, and lined with a vintage cream colored fabric. 
It has a long, thick, knitted strap.
And some crochet details.
This bag also includes some vintage buttons for closure. 
This bag also took nearly 8 hours. 
Which means this will also not be re-created. 

I know it's still early in the day, but I'm no longer having a bad day, and I don't plan to.
I can't wait to list these three pretties. 
And I will miss them when they are gone.
I guess when you spend 8 hours on something,

you get emotionally attached.


  1. Ooo, gorgeous post. I know how you feel. And I love that you're feeling better - I hope you can kick this cold's butt!!!

  2. Thanks Angie! I still refuse to get sick.. I'm a stubborn girl.. this one won't get me. ;)

  3. So glad you're feeling better! You have some major skills!! Wow!

  4. sooo pretty! way to turn your day around!

  5. I love your knit wear, it is so fun. I knit too but hate patterns so I make everything up :)
    I just found your blog today because you followed me on twitter, so funny how we find people now a days. I am thinking a giveaway on your blog might be fun. Check out my shop and see if I am a good fit.

  6. my blog too, still not regular but am going to try more...


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